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By Reid E

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  1. In regards to the Staff and midsize bag offerings, is there a release cycle for these similar to a club cycle? This could include colorway changes or physical updates to the bags.

    They are fantastic bags (currently in the midsize) and thanks for any info on the matter!

  2. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    The current 2023 tour/midsize bag are black/white with black lettering. The previous 2021 models were black with white lettering and the 2019 models were black/white with black lettering, similar to the current model. Based on that, I would say every two years. I have the 19 and 21 mid size models and have an extra belly panel with my name and TT logo that will fit either bag. I love the midsize bags. For many years they went with the Traditional black/white bag with black letters. Glad to see them back with that bag.

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