Am I losing my mind? Where is the Team Titleist Gear?

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By TTBrock

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  1. TTBrock


    I have seen folks posting on Facebook about their order from… but it’s TT things. I cannot find an option to order. I was so very fortunate to have some Team Titleist stuff shipped to me a year or so ago. However, the hat and t-shirt were too small, thus I couldn’t wear them. I would love to purchase some. Or, if the fine folks from here that sent me a care package a year or so ago, would send a l/xl hat or xxl shirt. I’m a 6/3 240 pound school principal, and the medium just doesn’t fit. Don’t think I didn’t try! Haha. My daughter wears it proudly to school though! Thanks team! Here’s to another great season on the tracks you choose!

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    If you see things posted on Facebook, or even here, there have been numerous post explanations about how gear is acquired. Most everything you see is a "welcome gift pack" at a Team Titleist golf outing, either a small local event or a major national or international event. The bigger the event, the bigger the package but also the higher the price of the event. Some posts are after people attend the tour of Ball Plant 3 where a TT gift shop is at the end of the tour. Again, these items are purchased by those attendees. Another opportunity to purchase are the occasional TT gear drops where we get an email notification or see it here and can order a limited quantity and limited selection of TT items. Maybe once or twice a year these have happened with no guarantee of future drops. Lastly will be a random mail out to random folks from Titleist for test balls, coffee mug, bag tag, etc. Those also vary by international location so you might think something is happening in the USA and it turns out to be exclusive to the UK, or Canada, or Australia. That is what we see more on Facebook, international items. If you want a hat and shirt, I suggest you attend one of the major golf outings. Hope this helps explain how it works.
  3. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    Most gear is on the occasional releases here, the ball plant or TT events and Invitationals.
  4. Mark C

    Mark C
    Ottawa KS

    I agree, it would be nice to be able to buy TT items, and make more of them so we all have a chance to purchase, not being sold out on the first day. Limit the number you can buy, that way we wont see them on ebay for triple the cost
  5. RPrater

    Richmond Hill, GA

    It comes in limited drops. Sign up for the emails and keep an eye on the Facebook group. I snagged a bag, hat, and driver cover during the last drop.
  6. Kenny PGA Associate

    Kenny PGA Associate

    The easiest way to get TT gear is to do the ball plant Tour if you’re ever in Massachusetts. I see that you’re in Tenn. so that may not be so easy. Most of the TT gear that I got (in my picture) has been from attending TT events.
    I did do the plant tour and it’s awesome. At the end of the tour they have a pro shop with all TT gear. Shirts, hoodies, socks, hats etc.
    hope this helped. Good luck on your quest

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