How to take spin OFF shots.

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By Kevin G

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  1. Kevin G

    Kevin G
    Dallas, TX

    I never thought I would have this problem when I first teed it up learning the game but I'm having issues with spinning the ball too much on the greens. For example, yesterday, no wind, back right pin 168 according to the bushnell, green just a hair sloped back to front, ap2 8 iron is average carry 165. Ball lands 165 or so and rips back literally almost off the front of the green and now I have a 60 footer or so for birdie. 3 putt bogey. This is an issue on nonsloped greens with all my sm5s. There are just some greens where you know your carry number but you know it's also going to spin back a lot and I'm just curious what other team titleist members do or what the pros do to take spin off approach shots? Spin control is not a concept I have grasped yet. Thanks!
  2. Spudstarch

    Walnut Creek, CA

    Hi Kevin,

    Sounds like you have some pretty soft greens on your course.

    Easiest thing I can suggest without getting to technical about angle of attack and ball position is to just take less loft and use an easier swing.

  3. James E

    James E
    Wauwatosa, WI


    Spudstarch is exactly correct. Swing at 80% and you'll find you'll get less spin. A good way to work on this is to hit shots into the wind. If they balloon there is too much spin. Think "swing with ease into the breeze". Less aggressiveness through the ball will reduce spin (and you'll probably have to club down depending on how much you take off).

    As Spudstarch says angle of attack is something as well. Look at your divots. How deep are they, how much in front of the ball, etc. As Hogan said, the answer is in the dirt. But swing changes can get complicated and should be done with a PGA professional for the ideal result. Changing the swing would be a last resort as it can get a bit pricey, can be frustrating making the change, and can take time. 

    Also as Spudstarch says, you can move your ball position up in your stance (closer to your left foot). This will feel funny as well so it is more complicated.

    There are also equipment options. Easiest is to use a different ball. Maybe try the ProV1x. Easy change.

    There are shaft options as well. Dynamic Golds, KBS C-Tapers are options. Obviously more costly. But demo a KBS C Taper shaft and see if you like the results (the Titleist fitting chart has them). My guess is you already have Dynamic Golds in your clubs. 

    I have this issue as well. I use the ProV1x, i use those shafts, and I do swing at 85% to limit spin. If I want more spin then I just swing at it more aggressively. Who cares what club you hit in, it is the result that matters.

    Hope this helps, good luck in reducing your spin to improve your results. Keep us up on how things progress.

  4. Chris Hatem

    Chris Hatem

    A shallower/flatter/more from the inside approach to the ball should be able to help you. This is part of the "high launch/low spin" bible.
  5. Spudstarch

    Walnut Creek, CA

    Chris H said:

    A shallower/flatter/more from the inside approach to the ball should be able to help you. This is part of the "high launch/low spin" bible.

    Yup. I take a shallower swing with my driver (mostly because I'm short) and I can get down to around 1400rpm at 93mph.

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