Steady Hands in Putting

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By Paul P

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  1. Paul P
    Rochester, NY

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    Anyone have a good tip and or drill for keeping your hands steady through your putting. In my backswing i tend to not be able to keep the club straight back, and I'm over conpensating on the follow through to square it up.

    Any suggestions would be great Thanks 

  2. Tony M

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    I'd like to hear opinions on this too.  I went to a heavier putter which helped with the steadiness, but now I struggle with distance control on fast greens and downhill putts.

  3. No'l
    Palmdale, CA

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    Hi Paul. I have an unconventional way of putting (taught in the JVGA.) Unconventional because we keep our weight on the right or back leg (for a right handed golfer), and we keep as still as we could be bracing on that back leg. The left hand just hangs on to the club, but the right hand powers the pendulum. So 1, it's great for straight back and through. 2, it'll be easy to make an end over end roll from that stroke (it's coming from the back or right). 3, It always gets to it's lowest point in the same spot and won't have to worry about reaching the ground with the club head. So you'll only be thinking of your line and speed. The right hand controls and's the easiest stroke I've learned. Give it a try on your back leg and stay still. Hope it helps!
  4. Spudstarch
    Walnut Creek, CA

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    Hi Paul,

    Here are some Things that work for me.

    Forward Shaft Lean before take away - for some reason its get the momentum going smoothly. If I start to pull back from a static position I notice the putter head lag in front of my hands. Maybe just having the back of the putter pulled up from the lean causes it to not catch the ground.

    Grip Tighter - for full golf swings, it is typically known that you want loose grips so your wrists can hinge and unhinge. Since you don't want that in putting, go the opposite direction and grip tight. The trick to it is to make sure it is of a consistent pressure, other wise the putter head may whip though impact if you tense up more, or decelerate if you let up.

    Piston Shoulders - I don't really pay attention to the path of the putter head too much during the swing, mostly my alignment prior. For the take away and swing, I focus on my trail shoulder. I think of it moving straight up and straight down like a piston. With everything else set in place during preshot, the path of the putter takes care of itself. It also helps to take my mind off my hands and wrists so they do not get out of sync on the take away. I kind of do the same thing for my normal take away with every other club in the bag.

    Hope that helps.


  5. Paul P
    Rochester, NY

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    Spud..Thanks for the Great Tips, I appreciate the help. Doesn't Phil M use a forward lean prior to take away? Your description of the putter from the "Static" position sounds exactly what is happening to me.  

  6. Spudstarch
    Walnut Creek, CA

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    I would imagine a lot of players do too. There's even a video online of Speith's putting drill where a commentator points out how he uses it as a trigger to start his stroke. The science of having hands in front just makes sense to me too. It makes you hit the ball on the upswing without scooping. Helps the ball to roll pure, no skidding or hopping.

  7. Paul P
    Rochester, NY

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    Tried the forward press and little firmer grip and it really seemed to help.   

  8. Kevin B
    New york, NY

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    In My opinion..... I think the term straight back, Straight though is a little misunderstood and not explained correctly. Any swing that you make in golf is an Arc., Even so on putts...( I am not a teacher by far) but if you move your putter back it will move inside the line as you bring it forward the head will move back outside the line to the point of impact which should be square then the head will move back inside the line past the ball.... such as a full swing on any club you are hitting Its an Arc the key to both is to get back square at impact

    I hope this helps! may or may not be right, But thats how I do it

  9. Paul P
    Rochester, NY

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    Thanks for the Insight Kevin, I appreciate the help

  10. dave p
    lexington, KY

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    I suggest a little forward press, but a great drill I use is the Spieth putt of looking at hole. This gets me away from watching the putter and moving my head and focus on just a smooth stroke through the ball.  Good Luck!

  11. Paul P
    Rochester, NY

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    Thanks for the Input Dave, I will give it a try.

  12. Bob T
    East Otis, MA

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      There are a lot of great tips in here and others one reads about that may work.  Practice and try different ones out and find the most consistent routine that brings the best results.  I set up two putting cups opposite on the floor on my carpet and will putt 5 balls towards the cup trying a few strokes that I have liked and end up using one that makes 4 or five balls consistently in the cup. 

       To me a putting style doesn't have to be perfect.  It's the consistent results you get, with what ever the style you use.  It boils down to,  what ever works use it!!!!!   

  13. Gabriel G
    Cedar Park, TX

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    Well I think of rocking my shoulders, not even thinking of my hands.  I am no PGA Professional but I think try not to think so hard of putting the club straight back and forward.  There is a natural arc to the putting stroke.  Just get the putter head to hit your ball square and go down the line.

  14. Travis W
    Jacksonville, FL

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    When I started playing again last year after several years of not playing, I was concerned with putter head path.  I would watch the putter head go back trying to swing in a slight arc.  My hands and putter arc were all over the place.  I could miss a 4 foot putt by 5 feet!  Recently, I went back to just looking at the ball and knowing which direction I wanted to hit.  Then I just pull it back and move it forward to my intended line.  It's kind of like shooting a basketball.  You don't think about every little movement in your legs and arms, you just look at the basket and your hands move toward the hoop.  Golf is the same way.  Just look at the hole, look at the line, swing it back, and swing it through toward your intended target.  Don't even think about the hands and they will calm down.

    Best of luck.

  15. Gary D
    Cranston, RI

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    The thing I do is lock my right elbow to my side at address. Then I just take the putter back. It works for me, I get a nice stable path for my putter on the backswing and forward swing. (I'm right handed)
  16. MGraham
    Ajax Ontario Canada

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    If you want steady hands keep your head still. If your head moves your eyes move, if your eyes move you can't be sure your looking directly inside the ball. Visualize the putt, step over it and roll it. Don't move your eyes from where your ball was for 4 seconds after you've putted. Your hands will steady themselves when you start rolling them in from everywhere!

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