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By william m

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  1. william m
    Holywell, Flintshire

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    I've just took delivery of the 915d3 and my friend filmed my swing, can anybody offer any tips of how to stop swinging out to in from the top.

    We went to slow motion to see all the movements (although not the best quality)

    Video can be found here = https://youtu.be/q9xzZMzmHzc

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. B.A.
    Los Gatos, CA

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    I'm not an expert and it's not the easiest video to watch, but it looks to me like you're not turning your shoulders enough and letting your right arm get way disconnected. Reaching at the top instead of pulling down and in.

    I'd say try turning your shoulders more, and try keeping your right elbow directly in front of your chest for the entire backswing. It's getting way behind you.
  3. Ben M
    Omaha, NE

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    To me, it looks like you are starting your downswing with your upper body...or at least are firing upper body and lower body simultaneously.

    You have to start your downswing with your weight shift to your left side...the club won't drop into the slot if you don't. Soft hands at the top...lower body fires first, hands drop down into the slot.
  4. Frank L
    Mission viejo, CA

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    looks like you are taking it way outside on you backswing and your hips and shoulders are not rotating. your all arms and being young and strong you can get away with it a lot but it will catch up with you looks like your face is open also which your seeing the ball fade a lot or more than you want. get a ball any ball and get in your gold stance throw the ball with your right hand about two feet in front of where your ball is teed up. this will give you the sensation of how your shoulders and elbows should react on your downswing. that and your take away should be more down the line than out side.
  5. Gabriel G
    Cedar Park, TX

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    I am no expert but I have watched many swings. I am just going to say take a lesson from a PGA Professional. I learned that in my experience.
  6. Spudstarch
    Walnut Creek, CA

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    Hi William,
    I am going to agree with B.A., your take away has very little shoulder rotation. When you move your hands back without moving your shoulders, you make it harder to square back up to the ball at impact. When you disconnect, your hands will start trailing behind your torso on the downswing, and at impact your shoulder line will be pointed to the left (open). Unless you are drastically compensating with other parts, open shoulders at impact usually means an out to in path. There are a couple of swings where it looks like you are trying to get flatter or further under plane to compensate, but that isn't really fixing the real issue.

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    I think your swing looks awesome. Great width, excellent flexibility, and great balance. The only thing I can see is at the beginning of the swing your takeaway starts a little outside which ultimately creates the outside in path. Find a drill to start the backswing ever so slightly on a more inside path. But don't change anything else. It looks great.
  8. CoolBreeze
    Sudbury, MA

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    William, you have a good swing.
    - Nice and wide take away with great arc
    - You may be a touch long thus you sort of throw the club down from the top
    - At address you are in good athletic position but notice how your lower back is slightly arched: recommend that you do a slight crunch at address to straighten the back out
    - on the down swing, it looks like you're slightly stuck, but you have great hands to recover and get the club to the ball: recommend trying to clear your left hip to allow the hands to simply drop in. the feeling will be rolling onto to the outside part of your left heel. If you video this, you can draw a vertical line from the ground straight up to the sky and just on the edge of your rear... in the swing, you will want to keep your rear on that line. This is also know as the Tour move.

    Let me know if you have any questions.
  9. MMHarmon32

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    Gotta swing from the ground UP. Feel a slight pause at the top of your swing, before starting your downswing. Start the downswing with a weight transfer at your feet, then right knee, up to your hips, then let your torso follow. Don't let the arms take over.

    Feel yourself coming from your back pocket into the inside corner of the ball, and release your hands at impact.

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