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  1. Does anyone one have any tips that make your round more enjoyable or makes your game better

  2. Christian J

    Christian J

    I like to keep my stats as the round goes on for evaluation purposes. I use an excel model after the round to track my stats and see what areas I need to improve. A lot of better players and teachers like to set goals for each season and even for each round. If you are not playing a competitive round, set a goal before one and see if you can beat it. Some examples would be to make at least 1 birdie or hit 9+ green. Others could be no 3-putts or keep your total putts under 30.

    End of the day, it is just a game and you should enjoy the weather and company, regardless of score. Hit em straight!
  3. DV


    Wow! Christian I'm impressed and kudos to you. Keeping track of your personal stats will definately tell you what you need to work on which is always an excellent idea. What I enjoy doing, especially this time of year when the days grow long, I'll play 9 holes at twilight when there are few golfers on the course. I'll play 3 shots from the tee box and I will pick up the best 2 shots and always play the third (worst shot). From there I will play three balls (dropping 2 from this spot) from there and continue this all the way in including playing your worst putts. Doing this certainly slows up your play but is a worth while exercise which helps keep you focused in trying always to hit 3 excellent shots. Would only recommend this drill to a single digit handicap or better as you could potentially lose many golf balls. Normally it takes me about 2 and 1/2 hours to play 9 like this as there sometimes a lot of walking involved.

  4. Chris M

    Chris M

    try to enjoy your round with some friends, maybe they join you for a game (skins or whatever...)
  5. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    Chris M said:

    try to enjoy your round with some friends, maybe they join you for a game (skins or whatever...)

    I'm with Chris on this one. Anytime I play with a buddy, we always play a game. It definitely makes it more fun. Even better when they have to give you strokes :)

    Either way, just try to have a good time and enjoy your round regardless of your score. Being on the golf course is my happy place regardless of how I play...
  6. Chris M

    try to enjoy your round with some friends, maybe they join you for a game (skins or whatever...)

    I agree with both Christopher and Chris. Playing with good friends is the ultimate. I have some friends I play with that just like to go out and have a good time and few beers during the round and enjoy the day. They are not as serious into golf but just like to get out. Some other friends that are better players enjoy the competitiveness and really like to grind and shoot a good score. Knowing what group I am playing with I try and get my mindset for that and it seems to be more enjoyable.
    On a side note some of the funnest rounds I ever had was years ago my roommate and I would play a match and whoever lost had to clean the other guy's clubs and shoes. Nothing was more enjoyable then sinking a winning putt and then watching him clean my equipment. :-)
  7. Matt B

    Matt B
    Columbus, OH

    Practice my putting, short game & wedge play. Par saves when not playing well feels enjoyable.
  8. Gary D

    Gary D
    Cranston, RI

    Heineken always improves my round.

    Anchorge, AK

    First thing is I looked in your bag and I think you need some new titleist irons. then you can look at your wifes face when she sees the bill. then go to your work place and set there for awhile and decide where you would like to be , on the course maybe? I get enjoyment seeing things like my brother topping his drive and only going 30ft when I know he's better than me . theres a lot of ways of having a good time. i'm with Gary relax and have a beer. Its not about playing good all the time its about trying to play alittle better each time."get some Titleist irons"
  10. Sawyer Nix

    Sawyer Nix
    Belton, SC

    Focus on nature, the experience with peers, the ability to play the game, and decrease the expectations to put unnecessary pressure on yourself.
  11. Mitchk2

    Fresno, CA

    I have a few things that I think make my rounds more enjoyable. First, I like to play with my friends or family members. There are times when I lose some focus but that's because I'm busy laughing it up with my buds or enjoying a nice conversation with my dad. Second, I like to make sure I have a generous time window to play a full round in. I like to be able to take my time throughout my round and not have to worry about rushing home or to another event. I feel like that just adds stress. Finally, I like to play when I know I am physically and mentally ready to. I like to make sure that my body feels physically comfortable (no soreness or injuries) and I am mentally confident in my swing. The least enjoyable rounds I've ever had were ones where I was fighting illness or injury or when I had no confidence in my swing. Maybe worry less about what score you'll finish with and instead just simply enjoy the company you're playing with or the atmosphere of the golf course.
  12. Hughie G

    Hughie G
    Yellowknife, NT

    i like to play with music. different music helps different moods. lately is a new rock playlist on spotify, really helped set the stage for 18 today
  13. well as most people suggested playing with others (friends etc) helps. i know sometimes schedules dont align but there is a new app called golfmatch that could help you out there rather than going out swinging by yourself. I guess the biggest thing for enjoyment would be to not take your leisurely game super seriously. Unless your a pro and making a living off the game theres no need for the rage monster that occasionally appears at every golf course in the world. Its amazing to see the amount of tour pros that make mistakes and how they bounce back and they have a lot more riding on the game than you or i. The beauty of golf is that each shot matters as a seperate entity. the old cliche- forget about the past shots and just concentrate on the next one-works here. As far as getting better, i recently started applying a more of a feel/touch aspect to my shots instead of just mechanics and numbers, it has significantly improved my short game. Theres a ton of things u can do on the course to improve just find the one that works for you

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