Keeping cool during the summer

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By Ned

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  1. Ned
    Emporia, VA

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    Just curious, what are some tips y'all use to keep cool during the summer while on the course. I was gifted a Titleist Aussie hat and I must say it is by far the best "shade" hat I've ever had. I like to wet the top of the hat and it keeps my head nice and cool. I generally take it off on the tee box or when I'm taking full swings on the course. The brim doesn't really get in the way, but its more of a mental thing for me. Its a must have on the range or practice green. I have also started using a "chill towel" and love that also. As far as summer shirts go, even though I love the FJ shirts my go to now is the Peter Millar summer comfort shirt. Very light and breathable.

  2. Sawyer Nix
    Belton, SC

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    Drink lots of water before and during the round. Try and pick earlier in the morning or later in the day to play.
  3. Greg D
    Oklahoma City, OK

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    +1 for the "chill towel". I use a Mission Enduracool towel, the one endorsed by Dwyane Wade. It is awesome. I bought it when I went to watch the US Senior Open at Oak Tree in Oklahoma. It was 100+ that week. Worked like a charm then and still does now. I throw it in my cooler and pull it out every few holes and wet my neck/head/face/forearms and it really helps rejuvenate you. Great on those hot summer days. I throw it in the wash when I get home and it's ready to go next time.
  4. Hughie G
    Yellowknife, NT

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    drink more water than you think you need. i try to stuff a few half litre bottles in my bag (i can jam 4 in there) and then a powerade,gatorade or the like, two if i can. i'll drink it all in 18 holes.
  5. RCCPA
    Sapulpa, OK

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    I like the "chil" towels, they feel wonderful. Water is also extremely important. I really like the ZipFizz powders to go into a bottle of water to replace electrolytes; no sugars and they really taste great.
  6. michael a
    Portsmouth, RI

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    try a sunbrella, thats what i think their called, they are silver and standing under it on a hot sunny day it feels 10 degrees cooler. also lots of water!!!!!

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