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By Ned

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  1. Ned

    Emporia, VA

    Just curious how many people out there are using the Orange Whip trainer. I bought one a year ago and it has helped my rhythm tremendously. It is also a great warm up tool, especially when I'm pressed for time and cant hit balls on the range before a round.

  2. Aricb

    Bothell, WA

    Look forward to seeing the comments on this.

    I have debated on purchasing one.
  3. I picked one up about a yr. ago as well. I like to use it as a warm up tool. I agree, it's good for rhythm and works good help keep the lag in your downswing. But it sure does feel odd that first swing with the golf club after you swung the Orange Whip 5-10 times.
  4. Chris M

    Chris M

    haven't seen any in Switzerland up to now, but will check with my teaching pro if it might be of interest.
  5. vurich

    First Tee Box

    I don't play without first swinging the orange whip. I rarely hit range balls to warm up anymore because of injury last year and the orange whip does the trick.
  6. etakmit

    Rochester, NY

    Ive only used a similar product from SKLZ and I love it. It's great to warm up / stretch out. It also keeps me from getting too hyped on the first tee. I've found less stray balls on the first hole than I used to have (it doesn't help the rest of my round sadly lol!))
  7. mark t

    mark t
    makawao, HI

    I use a cheaper version of the orange whip, its been around for awhile. Its the weight that you slip on to the club shaft.

    Its like the weight doughnut added on the baseball bat. About 5 bucks.

    Good luck
  8. I've owned my OW for a couple of months and love it. I agree with the comments about helping with tempo, and lag. I swing it everyday. Last Friday I played 36 and put the OW in my bag so I could swing it before and between rounds. We had three foursomes in the outing and everytime I turned around someone different pulled the OW out of my bag to swing it. I highly recommend it.
  9. DV



    I've tried the orange whip but nothing comes close to my whippy tempomaster as a training aid. I have been using this training club for 10 years and it keeps my swing in perfect sync with my body and arms. It works wonders on your rythmn and tempo and you will be amazed how far you can actually hit a ball once you get the proper swing sequence worked out. It you like a Freddy Couples or Ernei Els type swing then the tempomaster is the go to club to teach you.

  10. Edward K

    Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

    You want proof? I use one about every day. I'm 50, not in great shape, have arthritis in one elbow, and I still hit it over 300 yards several times a round. Occasionally go deep in the right conditions. I owe it all to the Orange Whip. The whip got me back in sync with the driver, and got me excited to play again.....
  11. Benjamin D

    Benjamin D
    Rockwall, TX

    I have an orange whip. I don't use it for training so much anymore, but definitely to warm up. It's GREAT for getting everything loose especially at 6:00AM. Really help with back and shoulder rotation.
  12. D. Coble T

    D. Coble T
    Denver, CO

    The OW has been terrific as a warm-up tool for me. I'm using it 4-5 times a week now that I'm hitting indoors this winter. I'm 50 and in decent shape, but always need to stretch out prior to playing and this tool will do that. Terrific for warming up! The bonus is the smooth tempo it creates that you can take to the course. I've noticed this product in many of the touring pros bags as well. Request one as a stocking stuffer!
  13. How do you use the OW?

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