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By Len J

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  1. Len J
    Los Gatos, CA

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    I have read some tips where they say you should take some time and enjoy your good shots. I go overboard and have a tendency, when I go up in a match, or make a good shot, to lose my focus and blow the next one. How do you find the happy medium? It's nice to see improvement, but...

  2. DV

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    Answer is it depends. If you are on the course with your Dad, wife, or with friends, take a deep breath and smell the roses. If you wish to be a good player in a competitive environment such as in tournament golf, then you can never let emotion creep into your round. Mental focus is everything. Save any emotion for the 19th hole.

    Best Wishes,

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    Normally I do the same thing but as of late I've been more focused going into my next shot after a big one. I take a deep breath, close my eyes and get locked in to win!
  4. Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

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    If you listen to the Tour player interviews PRIOR to a big round on Sunday, they ALL point to being patient. That is the key to get the best results. It is very hard, but it is the key. And everyone struggles with it. Stay in the moment and focus.
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    Heck I do this on the range! I hit some good wedges then work my way to the range. I open up relaxed and hit some great shots. Then I get quicker and start hitting some not so good shots. Then I get impatient and I lose the patience I had at the start and I feel tension creeping in. Thats the enemy to good golf.
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    Block out all distractions when you step up to make your shot. Think of nothing but the ball and how you are going to hit it.
  7. Bob T
    East Otis, MA

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    Golf is definitely a game of the mind. I show up to the course with a positive attitude and keep my cool. I do want to score well and I keep in mind the good shots I've made in the past and what I have practiced. Keep smiling and score well!!!
  8. Mitchk2
    Fresno, CA

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    My instructor always tells me that golf is 40% in the swing and 60% in the head. Also, I would suggest that you play according to your personality. If you're a big extrovert like Rickie Fowler, then you could easily benefit from having some fun in your round and celebrating your good shots and use the energy to fuel your next one. But, if you're more of an introvert like Bubba Watson, maybe you need to maintain a little more composure and try not to get so amped up about a good shot. In the end, just know what to expect from yourself every time you prepare a shot.

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