Hitting from the rough.

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By TRailey

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    I'm curios on your guys game plan for hitting from the rough. Like if you're 150 yards out do you play for 160 yards. Do you go for the green and hope it sticks or do you play it a little short and let it roll on. What's your strategy?

  2. Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

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    It depends on the situation. There are so many variables that it's impossible to provide a "stock" answer.
  3. DV

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    In many situations this type of lie can produce a flier lie. If you get a clump of grass between the ball and clubface at impact, there's a good chance the ball will jump and produce more distance than you normally hit. I'll take one less club for this condition (medium rough). If the rough is very thick, I will take an extra club, but open the club face up at address and hit more steeply down into the ball going for the green unless there are water hazards around the green. If the rough is light, then I take dead aim with your normal 150 club.

    I have also found that clubs Titleist have been making recently, with more weighting in the club sole, are much better at getting you out of the rough then irons did say 10 years ago. If you are playing with old sticks you should seriously look into updating your game.

  4. Dwayne N
    Island, KY

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    I'm with Barry. Lots of variables sometimes I need to go 2 clubs down
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    In my past experience, usually I will try to play for 160 yards like you said and hope that it rolls. It seems to me that this is more consistent than hoping it sticks.
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    While the lies, hazards, green size, thickness of the rough, etc. all play into the equation, the fundamental principal I try to employ is to take the big number out of play. Eliminate 6 from the equation, playing a shot that should leave you in a position to make no worse than 5.

    More specifically to your question, if the ball is nestled down, I'll usually grab an extra club and swing a little easier, if it's propped up nice with the back of the ball exposed, I'll usually take one less club than normal.
  7. Doug E
    Urbana, MD

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    Definitely depends on the lie. Every lie is different and requires various considerations. Generally speaking, if I can get a club on it cleanly, like if it is somewhat sitting up without too much grass in the way, I will usually take one less club than normal, assuming it is not an uphill green, and expect 10 yards of extra release. Of course, if I have an uphill lie, I may not get the 10 yards of release, assuming I will get it well up in the air off that uphill lie with a soft, minimal release, landing. So there I might play an extra club. Additionally, the trouble long and short of my target will also affect my club choice, as will the slope of the green. There is no simple answer, since all variables must be considered.

    If it's buried deep, I will take my normal iron or even an extra club, if I feel I won't be able to make really good contact. I also take a bit steeper swing and expect some fade. If it's sitting way down in super deep, long, gnarly, thick rough, I take a wedge and get it back to the fairway if at all possible.

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