Need help with clearing my hips in the downswing any good tips??

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    Summerville, SC

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    I really struggle with clearing my hips in the downswing and because of this it causes me to come over the top and hit massive pulls to the left. Any good tips out there??

  2. Nano

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    Hello Phillip,

    I used to have a major issue with coming over the top, leading to a dead pull or a nasty slice.

    For me, the hips were one of the keys to alleviating that.

    First, I find that if I don't turn the hips back, if I sway instead, then I cannot clear my hips.

    Second, when I do turn my hips back, if I don't start my down swing with my lower body, including my hips.

    I worked a lot, concentrating on a turn of my hips and my shoulders along the axis of my spine. Then as my hands near the top of my back-swing, I really tried to work and concentrate on starting the downswing with my legs and hips.

    Starting the downswing with the legs and hips makes it really hard to come over the top.

    This really helped me, considering my type of swing; athletic and long (meaning past parallel).

    I also made myself really slow my back-swing down. The faster back I take the club, the greater the chance that the transition will throw the club off its plane.

    Good Luck!

  3. Dino J
    Burnaby, BC

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    Hi Phillip ... I can sympathise with you. Now, I do not know your swing, have never seen your swing, or anything related to your game. All I can do is share with you what my personal experience is.

    Firstly, I would suggest that if you have a coach or instructor (like a PGA certified professional) that you work with, then I would suggest scheduling a 30 minute session ... he/she can give you good feedback and help you with drills and things to practice during the slower winter months.

    As for my experience, I have found when I get into your situation it is generally a couple of things that led to this. Firstly, and some may laugh, but for me if I don't properly stretch and engage the muscles, etc. before my round or practice session, I find it harder to get my rhythm and tempo working consistently. Secondly, I also work very hard on "synchronizing" my swing ... from the ground up .... making sure that my body components are moving in correct order from takeaway, top of backswing/transition to downswing, lower body and then upper body. I do drills at 1/2 speed to make sure that I focus on getting the correct synchronization and then move it gradually back to full speed.

    The pulls and coming over the top are generally the result of starting the downswing from the top down as opposed to the reverse - bottom up. So I work at making sure everything is "firing" in the right order and that my club/hands are being routed correctly - coming from the inside to outside on the swing path rather than the opposite.

    Phillip ... all the best with your practice! Try seeing your PGA pro or perhaps cultivate a relationship with one! Regardless, all the best to you for the Holiday Season!
  4. Trevor D
    Bragg Creek,

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    To get the downswing started, I like to feel like there is an accelerator pedal under my left foot. To start the downswing, I just step on the gas. That'll get the whole left side moving/rotating. Hope it helps!.
  5. Gary D
    Cranston, RI

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    Stand closer to the ball. When you swing through the ball make sure your right elbow brushes your side. Make believe you're on a baseball diamond, setup aligned with 2nd base than swing towards a point between 1st and 2nd. Your hips will automatically clear and you'll end up letting your body turn square the clubface and hit the ball right over 2nd base.
  6. Greg D
    Oklahoma City, OK

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    I have also had these kinds of problems and have worked very hard to overcome them. I find I do 2 things wrong that lead me to a big slice or pull. Both start at the beginning of the swing.

    1. My takeaway is too far inside causing me to be too vertical at the top of my swing and then come over the top.

    2. Hip sway. Often starts at takeaway for me again. If I sway on the backswing, it's gonna be ugly. If I can turn my hips and not sway from the start then it tends to not happen on the downswing either.

    If you can get the train on the tracks, it has no choice but to follow them.
    Summerville, SC

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    This is why I love this forum! I truly appreciate all the comments and will work on these suggestions. Thank you all very much and have a Merry Christmas!
  8. Travis W
    Jacksonville, FL

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    A couple of things to try:
    Try a few swings using a towel. Wait for the towel to whip around at the top and settle, then start the downswing. This allows for a full balanced backswing that will allow you to start the downswing with the legs and hips.
    Once you get this feeling, try it with a club, then, on the downswing, drop your right elbow straight down to your right hip, then turn through the swing. This will prevent you from "casting" the club to the outside, resulting in a pull.
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    One of the most common issues that everyone seems to experience at least once! One thing i personally do a lot of is stretching my hips out, and then when I am at the range or in the back yard I will do slow swings just working on getting my hips cleared. This alone has helped me a lot, whenever I have bad days on the course it usually has to do with my hips not clearing! Also this may sound weird but I like to do baseball swings because that always seems to really force those hips through!

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