What to do about winters!

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By Caleb H.

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    I live up in Wisconsin and winters drive me crazy! I do like to travel down south and play a little, but i hate not being able to swing everyday! So I am wondering what people have for an at home set up! I have more than enough room between a heated garage and a basement that is a workout room! So space isn't an issue! So I want to see pictures and hear what everyone has at home to see what I should go with!

  2. Matt B
    Columbus, OH

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    I'm in Ohio, the assistant pro at the course where I play a saturday morning pot game purchased an optishot with mat & net to keep swinging/playing thru the winter months. I'm lucky enough to have an indoor golf facility about 20 mi from the house to go play some golf with friends. sorry no pics.
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    Does the optishot seem to be fairly accurate? I have talked to some people and they think it's off by quite a bit.. but I know that doesn't always mean anything!

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