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By bawa s

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    hey guys

    just picked up the 716 AP2 5 to pitching as i use 4 iron for coming out of the rough and 3 hybrid and 3 fairway wood for the longer shots. i used to hit my burner 2.0 200 yards with a 6 iron now with these irons my distance has come down to 180 yards and its true with all the other irons to now i am just getting 125 yards with my pitching where as i was hitting close to 140 145 ...is there some one else who has also faced this problem ... oh yes the fitting pro increased the lie angle by 1 % .... please help

  2. Chris B
    Monroe, LA

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    check your lofts - I am somewhat sure you will see a difference there.

    For your iron play you want a club that does not have short and long dispersion - that is what clubs like AP2 deliver. The AP2, once you have them dialed in, will not have the odd flyer off the face or the knuckle ball that has no spin.

    Many club manufactures crank up specs so that consumers will see a 185 7 iron - but when those clubs are put into play, the dispersion is out of control and green control is all but lost.

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    Hello Bawa,
    I'm wondering if the issue is to do with the lofts on the Burner 2.0 irons.
    I'm attached a pic from the Burner 2.0 specs.

    Here you can see that the 6 iron loft was 27 degrees whereas the 716AP2 6 iron is 30 degrees. (nearly equivalent to the Burner 2.0 7 Iron at 31 degrees)
    This could part explain the loss of distance with the particular irons.

    You mention that the pro increased the lie angle by 1 %, could this be the lie to make the club more square to the ground and not the actual loft?

    Just my thoughts...
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    Yes the pro increased the angle and squared it to the ground ...does it help ...and I appreciate the loft specs so now I have to play a club up from my previous picks ...

    Chris b

    For your iron play you want a club that does not have short and long dispersion

    What does this mean I have no clue
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    Your going to get a consistent bounce off the club face unlike other clubs that can vary in distance. Took me 2 seasons to figure this out on my own when I bought AP2 710 irons back in 2011, just learn your new yardages because that how it's going to be now, but atleast it's consistently that yardage aslong as your swing is the same. I hit my pitching wedge 125yds max, you will get used to it.
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    When I switched to the 716 AP2's from my swoosh pro combo I noticed the same thing. However, the feel off the club face was completely different the AP'2 were so much more solid and more feel. It took me a season or more to fully trust the new yardages from my clubs. Especially those courses that I was used to playing and knowing the shot I used to hit. I will say its nothing to worry about, just dial those AP's into the new yardage and you will love them. They are the most consistent irons I have ever played.

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