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By DBurger

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  1. Hi there Our Club Champs is coming up in a months' time. I am a 16 hcp, the competition is a two day 36 hole tournament. this is my first tourno and I'm really looking forward. Can each guy/girl please give me their 3 most important things to do in a tournament? any other tips - I am extremely competitive, but i dont let it ruin my day normally. appreciate the feedback :)

  2. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    3 tips:
    Have fun
    Enjoy the experience
    and relax

    That's all i can really tell you. I played in my first one (not club champ, but a state event) last year and everyone told me just to have fun and enjoy it. I knew from the start i wasn't going to win this thing. I did it more for the experience and meeting more golfers. I will definitely do it again this summer.

    Enjoy the tournament and remember; relax and have fun. Whatever happens, happens.
  3. Eric Y

    Eric Y
    Nova Scotia

    Hey, don't worry about others scores, keeping moving forward hole by hole by not thinking of your previous bad shots only focus on your good shots. Take your time and don't always be too aggressive it's okay to play safe.
  4. Sam


    Excellent question DBurger. In Northeast Ohio we are very fortunate to have a packed tournament schedule in the summer months. I would say you could play in a tournament every weekend during the summer if you wanted without having to drive far. Nearly all these tournaments are open to the public and draw in quite the range of talent. I am a very competitive person but I do not let it get out of control, much like you. However, when I show up these tournaments, I am competing and trying to win. Here are my top tips that I find help during tournament time:

    1. Preparation - Easily the most important. You can lose a tournament before you even tee off if you're not prepared. My prep consists of scoping out the course in a practice round 2-3 days or so before the competition. I'll bring my range finder and get as many distances to specific targets as possible. I'll decide which side of the fairway is ideal, which portion of the green to have my ball land, and trouble spots on each hole. The day before the tournament I'll organize my bag, clean my clubs if the aren't already, mark my golf balls, and make sure everything is the way I like it and ready to go for the tournament the next day.

    2. Practice - Aside from the practice round when I get my distances, that is the only time I'm on the course before the tournament. I find it much more productive to go to the range a focus on the fundamentals of your swing. I practice just about everyday and will continue the same schedule until a day before the tournament. The morning before the tournament I will go to the range and hit shots I think I will need to score low the next day. Later in the evening, I will go up to the putting green of the course and practice all kinds of putts until I have strong feel for the speed of the greens.

  5. Thanks a lot for the great advice!
    really appreciate it. it's true what you say about prep - the logic is there is no use being competitive, if you don't plan properly. thank you!
  6. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Being a 16 handicapper you probably will not be playing in the championship flight. Most tournaments are flighted so I would not worry too much. I play in five to six tournaments a year. I go to have fun, not worry about my score because I am rather consistent in my scoring (12 hdcp), and play one hole at a time. I play golf three to four days a week and I might hit a few extra balls before a tournament. I might work on my sand wedges and of course the putter. But I do not wear my self out practicing before a tournament. If you are not used to playing two days in a row, you want to be refreshed and have some fun. Good luck.
  7. Wade W

    Wade W
    Roanoke, VA

    1. Practice long lag putts immediately before each round.
    2. Concentrate on EVERY shot.
    3. Enjoy the day.

  8. Christopher V

    Christopher V
    North Canton, OH

    Club champs are always competitive, a few pointers for you.

    1. One shot at a time - Understand that you're going to hit bad shots but learn how to clear your head and leave them behind you.

    2. If the pros hit bad shots you will too-you're not a pro so relax and have fun. Learn to laugh at your mistakes and build momentum off your good shots.

    3. GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE TO SCORE- I put this in all caps because I feel like it's the most important tip, don't try to play a fade with out of bounds on the left; don't try to carry the ball 250 yards over the water and learn to understand that punching out isn't a bad thing and bogey isn't always a bad score.

    4. Control your swing-don't try to pound the ball 350 off the tee every time you get the big stick out, keep it simple, fairways and greens.

    Good luck to you!
  9. Chris B

    Chris B
    Monroe, LA

    Don't do what I did...

    Out in 40
    In at 58

    Good Luck!
  10. Hotsauce

    Georgetown MA

    Just play your game and take it one swing at a time. Tournament golf feels different than a casual round, but ultimately it's all in your head. I'm very competitive as well, and I always play better if there's something on the line, but here's my advice-

    1. Have Fun (winning our losing will not change your life) My Grandpa always said unless you're golfing for your mortgage, it just supposed to be fun.
    2. Stay even keel emotionally (don't get too high or low after good/bad shots)
    3. Don't add up your score until the end. (you can't play them all at once. Simply focus on each shot and then let it go once the ball leaves the club face)
  11. thanks a lot for the advice people! have taken note and will apply it.
    cheers :)
  12. Joseph P

    Joseph P
    chicago, IL

    I would practice putting (short and lag) get consistent. Also I would practice chipping, pitching and distance wedges. Know your distances, so you can hit you to a spot to setup a good distance for you. On the course, par the par 3's and par 5's, and don't get more than a bogey on the par 4's. Take 3 shots to make a green if you have to and then two putt.
  13. Sawyer Nix

    Sawyer Nix
    Belton, SC

    Don't have any set score expectations.
    Take things one shot at a time.
    Don't avoid getting overwhelmed as tournament golf is different than the casual round.
  14. Simon M

    Simon M

    1 Stay Clam
    2 A mistake will happen just don't let it lead to another
    3 Play with freedom not restraint ( Do not get in the way of yourself )
  15. Edward K

    Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

    The more you compete, the more comfortable you'll become. It's as simple as that!

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