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By Brian A

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  1. So up until last week or so, I was putting extremely well. I had so much confidence and felt like i could make everything. But then this week i went out and played missed 6 putts inside 5 feet. Please help

  2. Joe M

    Joe M
    Fire Lieutenant (Ret)

    For me golf and baseball are the same when it comes down to your question. For a period of time/ hot streak, a baseball player feels like he's try to hit a beach ball just as a golfer feels he's putting to 12" cup. When things are going bad, the hitter is trying to hit an aspirin as the golfer is putting into a bottle top.

    What I have found is the level of concentration changes for both and the attention to detail, break, grain, speed changes. Get back on the putting green and use your entire routine to practice. Get back to concentrating.
  3. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    Putting well is about confidence, in my opinion. When we start missing some putts that we should be making we get tight and our strokes change. Put in a little practice time...start with short ones and as you consistently make them, expand the length of the putts focusing on the line and a smooth stroke. A good thing to remember is we all have off days with our putting.
  4. Joshua B

    Joshua B

    When I get in that state of mind I briefly will switch my putting grip. I put right hand low but also practice a claw like how Phil Mickelson does now. It helps to have a fall back swing I can try out when my speed or line is wrong consistently.
  5. LBazzard


    Forget swing thoughts, mechanics etc it's all about target focus, nothing matters more than seeing in your minds eye, the ball roll on the line you see, at the right speed and drop in the hole. Only then do you let it just happen. Also check out the tour pro stats for putts under 10 foot, they only roll in approx half, so keep thoughts about miracle expectations in check.
  6. Tom B

    Tom B
    Northborough, MA

    If you've got one of those extra small holes at your club on the practice green, stay only there for a while using that smaller target. If not, put a tee in the green and practice your 3 footers until you keep hitting the tee. Aim small, miss small. Concentrate on YOUR stroke, what has worked....forward press, straight back straight through, in to square to in. Fundamentals and feel the stroke. Confidence. You'll be back in no time
  7. Ariel F

    Ariel F
    Bothell, WA

    Practice, practice, practice... It's helped me sooo much since I put in the time. I'm automatic with 6ft and in. Total confidence= more putts made. I also focus on visualization (seeing the line), that helped me big time.
  8. I feel your pain. I just picked up a 12' putting mat from BirdieBall. Have it set up in the garage and use it often. It has helped
  9. I was going through some putting issues of my own until recently. I'm now working on keeping my eyes on the spot where my ball was and listening to it fall in the cup.

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