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By Johnathan W

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  1. I've been struggling with early release in my swing lately. I'm at the range at least once a week and have just been focusing on releasing as late as possible but it's not translating to the course. Does anyone know of any drills that may help?

  2. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Have you talked with a teaching pro? That would be my suggestion. He probably can get you fixed in a matter of minutes. Support your local pro.
  3. Joshua B

    Joshua B

    School of golf addresses this a slot on their show....Most of which can be fixed with an impact bag.
  4. Hi Johnathan W

    this is a complex issue which can be confusing even for the knowledgable player. Everyone releases the club at some stage so please avoid holding it back, you need to get your body moving through impact in a way that coordinates the release to happen at the right time-


    Try this drill.

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