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By TLindsay

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  1. Any advice I upgraded to this drver from a png g10 hoped for big improvement,but the max I can drive is around 190-200 . I use Ap1 irons and hit the 6 iron approx 150 ,what is going wrong?

  2. Robert L

    Robert L
    Hayward, CA

    Sorry but to be honest... no one is gonna be able to tell you what might be going wrong with the information provided, so all you're going to get is to "see a teaching professional" and "go get fit for the driver". Both true...

    Moving forward, spec information on your past/present driver might be useful for someone to make "suggestions" as to what might be hurting based on the changes between the equipment, but that would assume you're a golf robot and nothing is wrong with the technique.
  3. Unsy

    Canton, OH

    Robert L is right, best thing to do is get fit. If you are looking for distance make sure you have the right shaft flex and loft, also if you are happy with your accuracy right now you could lengthen your driver. Lengthening the driver potentially reduces your accuracy and tends to have most player miss to the right but it also increases the leverage you can put on the ball so you can gain some extra yards. Hope this helps!
  4. Thank you for your advice

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