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By Doug B

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  1. Doug B

    Doug B
    Johnston, IA

    Hi TT, I am really struggling with my putting alignment. I feel I've tried about everything. Specifically putts that break right to left (I am RH). I line up the logo to the break and then I get over the ball and the logo on the ball looks way left of target. I currently have a Futura 5.5. I am not even sure if a certain style of putter for alignment would be better. Any tips/tricks/thoughts I would appreciate. Thank you.

  2. Keith M

    Keith M
    Acworth, GA

    Sounds like you might be standing too close to the ball (something I struggle with.) Take half a step back while keeping your putter in the same place.
  3. David T

    David T
    Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

    I do this all the time - 1st check alignment from behind and then when I get over the ball I start to second guess my read. I remind myself that your 1st read is always correct and hit the putt.
    Best alignment drill I've used to ingrain the feeling is to snap a chalk line and hit 25 putts down the line right handed then 25 left handed.
    Good Luck!
  4. Hi Doug, I am RH also, and I actually prefer the right to left breaking putts. When you say your alignment feels wrong is that because you are missing putts low, or they just have no chance of going in once they leave your putter face? If I go through a stretch where I am missing putts, I go back to the basics. Check my feet, check my ball position(usually in the middle on normal putts, off my back foot if I am putting downhill), and then really focus on putter speed(don't decelerate) and keeping my head still, and my body quiet. Hope something there helps.
  5. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I would recommend going to see a teaching pro. An instructor might be able to figure out your issues in a short period of time. Hard to figure out your problems with out seeing your set up, how you line up, you grip, and many factors, including what is going on inside your head when you stand over the ball. With respect, we are amateurs ourselves. Do yourself a big favor, go see a pro, if you really want to improve your putting skills......and then practice what he teaches you.......
  6. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Sounds like if you are lining up the logo and it still feels off, you might need to build up some practice reps. Go to your practice green and use two alignment sticks to build a track to putt from. See if that helps and good luck!
  7. One thing that might help if you haven’t tried it already is once you have your line picked out. Pick a spot a few inches in front of your ball that is on your line to line up your putter to.
  8. Edward K

    Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

    Alignment is one thing, the key is if your ball is starting on the right line. If you set up square to the intended line, try a couple pins and string, starting with 6' straight putts. That'll tell you right away if it's your putter path. Practicing alignment is just as important as the stroke itself.
  9. Chris C

    Chris C
    Medway, MA

    Its not a Tip or a Trick but, I go to the putting green before the driving range (especially if I'm short on time) and putt 100 putts around the practice green with three balls. It takes about 20 minutes and improved my putting almost over night.
  10. golfinnut

    Leesburg, VA

    Your eyes are deceiving you when you are over the ball. Do not second guess your 1st read from behind the ball. Set up, one look & go .... the less you think about it the better off you will be.
  11. BCH


    I have this issue as well. Seems like you are right eye dominant and it can make you think you are not lined up correctly.

    A couple of things that work for me are:
    1. All things equal, if your stroke is good, if you line the ball up with the putter directly behind ball (I usually use the arrow and ball name marker) and instead of placing it directly behind ball, I move it back an inch or so. This seems to make the line straighter for my perception.
    2. Sometimes I close my left eye and scan the line from ball to target. I usually notice I am lined up closed and pull my putts.
    3. Have someone check your alignment or use an iPad or something to récord your alignment.

    Good luck
  12. golfinnut

    Leesburg, VA

    I also find using a "putting mirror" training aid helps tremendously. It allows you to see where your eyes are over the ball (inside or over the ball) and it trains the stroke. Find a flat straight putt on the green and just practice the stroke ... it will ingrain good thoughts & muscle memory. I use it for at least 30 min each day I practice & it's helped me out tremendously. I never realized my eyes were so far inside the ball until then.
  13. Dwayne N

    Dwayne N
    Island, KY

    I have the same problem and I really hope you figure this out and post the results this is driving me crazy I feel that the rest of my game is really good but this putting thing is costing me 3-5 strokes a round.
  14. Try putting a line on your ball I've found it helps massively.

    Get right down low when aiming the ball so you see it from behind pointing right at your aim point.

    Make sure that your keeping your head perfectly still. Don't be tempted to follow the putter back or look down the line on impact.
  15. I second putting a line on the ball. I draw it right over the prov1 logo. Line it up to your intended line. Get behind the putt, a few feet. See if it’s on the intended line. If it is, I have a line on the top of putter. Line both lines up, good to go. Has helped the putting tremendously

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