J. Thomas High Bounce Wedges, Pitch Technique

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By Jeffrey E

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  1. I see that Justin Thomas uses high bounce wedges, 12* and 14*. Given that most instructor prescribe light bruise marks (not divots) when pitching say 30-50 yards, I wonder what his pitching technique is? Does anyone have an idea of JTs pitching motion, ball position, etc?


  2. Fernando R

    Fernando R
    Sao Paulo

    That's a short iron swing: www.youtube.com/watch

    Search for Justin Thomas pitching on YouTube and you'll find more of it: www.youtube.com/results

  3. Bart van der Does

    Bart van der Does
    The Netherlands

    For me the same. Since 2019 I've been moving to extreem high bounce wedges. And I must admit. I don't regret it.
  4. Fernando R

    Fernando R
    Sao Paulo

    What bounces are you using now, please? thanks
  5. Christian G

    Christian G
    Oceanside, CA

    So here's my wedge bounce story.

    Ever since I started taking golf seriously in high school I've always been afraid of bounce on wedges. Probably because the courses I played growing up were rock hard, with hard pan lies all day long.

    The thought of bouncing a sand wedge off the turf into the back of the ball is just as horrifying to me as the dreaded "S" word. And I remember doing it A LOT, even with the old Cleveland wedges of from the early 90's.

    So I've always played 8* bounce on everything. Being a lefty, there were never many bounce options until just recently anyway.

    A couple years ago I went to the putter & wedge fitting event at TPI. I was fortunate enough to talk with Bob Vokey for a while about wedges and we discussed my fear of bounce. He basically told me to stop being a wimp and embrace bounce,. He explained all of the benefits of bounce for conditions, swings, etc. It was really cool to get all of this info from THE wedge guy.

    I tried a bunch of high bounce wedges that day and was shocked at the results. (Bob wasn't shocked) With the right grind, I could still open the face and hit little soft chips from tight lies around the green. Hitting good shots out of bunkers was much more effortless. And there was no issue hitting full wedges from tight fairways. I was sold on bounce after that.

    I switched from a 60.08 M to a 60.12 K and probably won't switch back. I haven't gone up in bounce on my 52 or 56 only because I haven't worn them out enough yet.

    So if you have the opportunity to hit some higher bounce wedges off grass, give it a shot. If you're currently not a fan of bounce, you just might change your mind.

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