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By skip g

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  1. skip g
    Southborough, MA

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    Many of my students are competing right now....taking all that they have practiced & prepared for...onto the course...where it counts! They constantly work on the following routine, helping them improve their distance control on the greens. Try this:

    Mark out a 4' x 4' box...placing tees at the corners...anywhere on the putting green.

    Next....find a spot approx 15' from the center of the box you just laid out...place a tee in the green. Do the same for the following distances...20ft...30ft...40ft....50ft. It makes NO difference where you place these tees on the green...anywhere!

    Finally....grab a scorecard and place the distances inside one of the boxes on the card (

    Now...the fun begins! Grab 5 Pro V's...brand new ones, please....and do the following:

    -Start at any distance (let's say 20'). The goal is to hit putts towards the 4' box and see how many of the 5 putts you hit STOP inside the box. Record your results under the corresponding distance on the scorecard. Do the same for ALL distances...again...record all of your results on the scorecard!

    -Follow this routine EVERY PRACTICE SESSION! Over time, you will see...on the scorecard... how you are progressing. At first...don't worry if your first results are lower than anticipated. Over time, your numbers should/will improve. (I actually maintain Excel spreadsheets for all of my students...recording every session....calculating averages....pretty neat! They get to see their progress, over time...)

    Knowing this information is great for tournament play! If you know your actual average of getting the ball (on a 40' putt, let's say), within the 4' box is 82%...this information can certainly calm the nerves when faced with a 40' putt to win the championship!

    If you would like to do this...I am here to help! Forward me your numbers, via email, to: info@golfrite.com. I will start recording your sessions, set up a spreadsheet for you, and periodically send it back to you for review.

    Better distance control on the greens = lower scores!!!!! It's that simple!

    Have fun....look forward to getting your results!


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    Wow love this actually sounds like fun aswell.

    To be fair I've always loved putting practice as I'm always trying to challenge myself. Reset if you miss and carry on till you do.

    Thanks for this will have to try it on a quiet day at the course.
  3. skip g
    Southborough, MA

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    Alex: my students love this routine! When they record their results, and see their improvement over time...that REALLY gets them excited. Plus, it helps calm the nerves during competition, as THEY KNOW how good they are from various distances! One of my favorite routines, for sure. Hope you put it into your routine, and enjoy it, too! Thanks!
  4. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    Great advice - I want to reduce the odds of a 3 putt beyond 20 feet.
    I might add, practice with your gamer, even if not a Pro-V1. And why your gamer should not be the last ball you found on course.

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