Fall...The BEST Time To Prepare For Next Spring!

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By skip g

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  1. skip g

    skip g
    Southborough, MA

    I love the fall in New England. Not just the obvious...beautiful colors & cooler weather. I use the time to experiment:

    1) New club configurations: ex: working with my new Titleist TS woods is helping me prepare for next year! Trying different shafts (trying a longer, 3-wood shaft in a 5-wood). Who knows? Might find something that clicks!

    2) Try New Shots: working on trajectory...curves....knock-downs, flops, run-ups etc.

    3) Changing curve: I have played a fade for my entire career...will work this fall on hitting draw shots on EVERY hole I play this fall, getting accustomed to playing this way on the golf course.

    4) Putting styles: conventional...different putting grips...up the arm. Different putters One just might be slightly better than the others....let's find out!

    My advise: be open to change...experiment...think "out of the box"....and you may find something that will help you play better next season!

    (PS- what do you do?)

  2. Greg D

    Greg D
    Oklahoma City, OK

    Fall golf is the absolute best! Great weather, less wind than spring here in windy Oklahoma, less people on the course because they are inside watching football. Nothing better than walking 9 or 18 holes in the Fall. All of this adds up to the added flexibility of playing multiple balls to try out new things you would be too afraid to try playing a money round with the guys or with a couple groups watching from the next fairway.
  3. skip g

    skip g
    Southborough, MA

    EXACTLY, Greg!

    I was very fortunate to have have spent time with Sam Snead prior to, and during, my time on the PGA TOUR (very short time, unfortunately!). Anyway...the BEST advice he gave me...and I use it every day:

    "Son...always got to get better!"


    This simple statement drives me each and every day..."got to get better"!
  4. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    I do the same thing year round (weather permitting) I do drills for swing path and ball striking, so when spring comes around I have a solid swing thought. I don't tweak my clubs as I'm more afraid of my swing than my clubs, lol

    I chip and putt year round, if I do play I'll hit irons on all the holes or never hit driver only hybrids & fairway woods off the tee. Sometimes I'll move up a few tee boxes to work on those shots. Gives a different perspective of the hole and angle I usually won't have from the proper tee box.

  5. Jerome C

    Jerome C
    London Ontario Canada

    Truly enjoy fall golf
    In Southwestern Ontario
  6. skip g

    skip g
    Southborough, MA

    Can't imagine the beautiful views, Jerome! Similar to New England in October, I would imagine! Enjoy the fall foliage, crisp weather, and great golf shots!
  7. Autumn in North East England is a little less attractive than Fall in New England!!
    But it is still competitive until the end of October
    Winter golf with lots of clothes, temporary greens and a flask of coffee very quickly become the order of the day!

    My objective is to keep getting out there especially when it is easier to sit in front of the fire on those cold days
    Practice at the range on dark nights and spend the daylight hours in the office looking at the new clubs and equipment on the screen

    My goal next year is to get down to five and to do that I have specific improvements to make...the new TS driver is a key part of that!
    No matter what time of year it is I always remind myself " A bad day on the golf course is still much better than a good day at work"....that helps when it is very cold and wet

  8. Jerome C

    Jerome C
    London Ontario Canada

    Thanks Skip you also
  9. Elson C

    Elson C

    Fall is absolutely the best time for some "pre-spring" cleaning.
    By now leagues and Sunday tournaments are over with.
    The cool crispy air the green tightly mowed fairwais.
    It is time to practice as much as possible, except if your back like mine, is bad and you are waiting for surgery.
    I enjoy the weather, and I enjoy how empty the golf course usually is, I can play the last tee time of the day, and just take my time, drop a few balls in the greenside bunker and practice different swings and techniques to see how my ball is coming up, high, low.
    A lot back spin to stop quick, or less spin so it can run.
    Same thing with the other clubs, I hate spending hours pounding buckets of balls on the range.
    I prefer hitting a few with different clubs from the tee box and note how I played that hole best.
    High driver fade.
    A low 3 wood.
    Long iron knock down the fairway and so fort.
    I usually mark my balls to reflect the club used, so I can track how I am doing, so I can pick it up on the spring.
  10. 1st step....TPI Tee-Green Fitting and fitness evaluation Oct. 31-Nov. 2nd.

    2nd. Take what is taught at evaluation and make my body better for golf.

    3rd-Get use to new clubs using Skytrak indoors and out...weather permitting.

    4th- Always played a draw. Time to be able to hit it both ways. Fall goal....fade ball.

    As always putting and short game...

    Here we go!

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