What the Pros Do that You Don't!

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  1. JY

    South Carolina

    If you want to hit your irons with the same authority as the players we marvel at on Tour, you have to understand how they are moving their bodies and sequencing their swings - and how that differs in some fundamental ways from the way that you’re doing it.

    As we all know, this is no small feat, trying to copy what Tour players do, but a better understanding of where to move pressure, when to move that pressure and how to make room for the swing through impact can help you hit those pure, piercing iron shots you’ve always wanted.

    Give these keys a try and let me know if they help you to crush it with your irons.

    Pro Keys to Hitting Iron Shots

    1. The pros don’t shift their pressure and weight too far away from the ball and they don’t turn too much or too early in the backswing. Amateurs typically do. The pros resist the turn of their body against the trail side and a braced trail leg, so their arm swing never gets too long. For pros, the shaft of the club rarely reaches parallel on iron shots.

    2. As they go back, pros are shifting their pressure earlier, changing direction towards the target. When the left arm reaches parallel to the ground, the pros already have more than 70% of their weight into their lead foot.

    3. As the club approaches the ball the pros are opening their bodies, spinning, extending and rotating out of the way of the shot. Not only does this aggressive move help accelerate the club head, it helps the pros manage the club face and the swing path.

  2. John B

    John B

    Great stuff ! Re-enforces my thoughts on shifting weight and not turning so much .
  3. Steve S

    Steve S
    Tuckerton, NJ

    Great video! Loved it and I'm sure it will help! Thanks for sharing.
    Play Well
    Steve S.
  4. Jim S

    Jim S
    East Point, GA

    Thanks for showing what the pros do in the swing verses what the average player is doing. It is something to look at and
    work on in our swings.
  5. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    You do a nice job on your videos!
  6. l


    Nice video...
    dead simple ? Maybe with a bit more practice!
  7. Lance P

    Lance P
    Hillsborough, NC

    Gave me something else to work on that I think will help. Can't wait to get to the range to hit a few balls.!
  8. H. GARCIA

    West Haverstraw, NY

    I like the instructions its simple,clear,precise and not confusing details. Luv it..
  9. This is a great video that helps me understand how a professional golfer swings. Also helps me realize what I need work on while at the range.
  10. THuhn

    Saint Johns MI

    JY, I really liked the video. You mentioned that with irons, tour pros do not bring the club parallel on their backswing. I use the Zepp app when practicing. The default backswing goal is 270 degrees, I am not anywhere near that. What do you think is the ideal backswing turn in degrees that you see on tour?

  11. Dave R

    Dave R

    I follow JY on Twitter. A top 100 golf instructor who has great knowledge of the game. Gives sound advice on all he talks about.
  12. This is what I see as well. When a tour pro starts describing what he does, do not listen, like on tv. Their feel is not what they’re doing,...always trust video.
  13. richard f

    richard f

    Good video thanks , some useful points to work on
  14. Rob H

    Rob H

    Great video. Follow Jonathan on Twitter, his videos are excellent. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Interesting thoughts:)
  16. Great video. Thanks for the information!!
  17. Great drill for spring training. I really like the feeling of loading up against the trail leg as opposed to pushing pressure down through the trail leg instep. Thank you JY!
  18. Perfect swing thoughts. Thanks.
  19. undercover golfer

    undercover golfer
    golf course

    Had some time and stumbled on this amazing video. Thanks so much, Jonathan! I'm going to go back and look at all your other instructions. Extremely helpful and easy to understand. Looking forward to more of these gems. Thank you JY!!
  20. Not only does Titleist make amazing equipment and accessories. But they also film and make productions like this to give to us and help us along our journey. Thank You
  21. Paul T

    Paul T
    alpharetta, GA

    Excellent! I discovered this concept earlier this season (after 20 years of playing), much improved ball first contact and compression. Great video...thanks.
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