Hitting everything off the heel!

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By GStuart

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  1. Aside from topping a fairway wood on a par 5 second shot, there isn't a more frustrating shot that hitting my driver or irons off the heel! So dang frustrating! Lately, it's all I've been doing. I cannot figure out for the life of me what is going on and I need some help! I've tried standing further away from the ball at address, lining up with the toe of the driver at address, I somehow still hit it off the heel.

    Would love any input, I realize it's very early in the season for Idaho golf, but I don't want to deal with this all season.

    Thanks TT!

  2. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Not a pro, which you should see, but sounds like you are a little flat and fast, not allowing face to hit the ball in the center. Surprised that you are not chilly dipping the irons on occasions. I do it at least twice round. I slow down my swing on the tak-a-way and a little more upright. My pro is recovering from pulmonary embolism issues that almost sent him to his final tee time in the sky and plan on seeing him in a few weeks. Not everyone has a pro, but professional is the bottom line. With respect.
  3. Trevor D

    Trevor D
    Bragg Creek,

    So often, it's caused by early extension or "humping the goat" as it's crudely put. It means that your pelvis moves toward the ball in the downswing, rather than rotating away from it. It's an amazingly common problem and doesn't seem to restrict itself to a particular handicap range. There are a ton of online videos to help with that problem.

    Aside from that fix, if it's something else, you'll have to get your DTL swing on video and sort it out from there.
  4. Try hitting a pull. I am as much as 8-9 from the inside with short irons and 4-5 with driver and everything I miss is off the heel the occassional "S" word. Rory also says his miss is off the heel. All these new wedges with grooves out on the toe are for shots where you are trying to cut across. Anecdotal evidence but worth a shot.

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