Putting on your BEST days, what’s your mindset?

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By Steve F

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  1. Steve F

    Steve F
    rancho palos verdes, CA

    8 handicap Somedays the putter gets hot. But mostly I am just a bit off. Practice about 4 times a week, playing twice a week at least. Would love to hear about practice routines or meditations or whatever is working for you!! I have a good routine, try to look from the side to see if I am putting up or downhill, then from behind, take 1 or 2 “feel” practice swings while looking from behind the ball, adjust the line on my ball with my chosen line, then address, arms locked and make my move with the big muscles in my back….always accelerating through impact. I know I can become more consistent and would really appreciate any advice or input. Steven Palm Springs, Ca

  2. Brock L

    Brock L
    Fort Myers, FL

    In my opinion, nothing more important than being able to "roll" the ball on your intended target line... meaning when you set up your line and stroke the putt, the ball rolls on that axis end over end. If your ball skids, jumps or gets off that true roll, your line and your distance will be off, meaning you make fewer putts.

    To practice this, my primary drill is finding a straight uphill 10 foot putt, and working on making a reasonably aggressive stroke. Then i will work with slightly shorter, but breaking putts, just focusing on keeping that line rolling end over end. If you can roll the ball, all that's left is reading putts correctly and knocking them in the hole. LOL
  3. I like to practice on a hole cut on a bit of a hill and make putts from all 4 directions, moving farther and farther away after I drop a few from each direction and distance. It gives me confidence on different looks, and varies the speed. I am also less worried about lag putts after having drained a bunch from 4-5 feet.

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