How to Putt Better with Brad Faxon: Putting from Long Distance

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By Mike D., Titleist Staff

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  1. Team Titleist Staff

    If you're looking to eliminate three putts, improving your touch on those longer putts is a great place to start. Follow these keys from Titleist Brand Ambassador Brad Faxon and start shooting lower scores as you sharpen your skills on the putting green.

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  2. golfinnut

    Leesburg, VA

    One of the best putters in the world to learn from. I definitely need to take these tips to heart & practice them out on the course
  3. pulplvr

    Spring, TX

    Really appreciate these tips from Brad Faxon on putting. I still use one he provided us at the Team Titleist Invitational at Streaming before we all quickly split to evade hurricane Ian.
  4. Great points!
  5. Rob R

    Rob R
    Chicago, IL

    Mike, thank you for the video.

    Another video with great content.

    I liked the tip from Brad about using the middle line on that 60' putt.
  6. If there is one guy to listen to it is Brad Faxon. I really like what he said about center contact. Definitely a problem I have on longer putts. Time to go practice. Thanks Brad.
  7. Good tips from one of the best- thanks !
    Question- I’ve read/heard that having a phrase in mind to modulate the tempo of the putting stroke is good. For example, “cold beer”. With that in mind, the stroke for a longer putt needs to be longer than a short putt but also a quicker tempo.
    Is that correct ?
    Thank you
  8. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    This is great, thank you!!
  9. N8

    Denver, CO

    Tips from the best. Thank you!
  10. Justin Helton

    Justin Helton
    Newnan, Georgia

    Dude's a legend.
  11. Ricardo R

    Ricardo R
    Atascocita, TX

    I have been practicing the grip and set up concept on a daily, since I still not at 100% from foot surgery. I have been able to practice at home on my; grip, stance and tempo with his instruction. I have been able to see a difference when once a week a make it to the practice green. Thank You Mr. Faxon for your instructional videos.
  12. Some great points made there!!
  13. Love following his instagram for the Scotty goodies but also the gems he shares!
  14. Sean M

    Sean M

    I’ll take all the Faxon tips I can get!! Great stuff

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