The shot of my life

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By Zach S

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  1. I was playing in a tournament on June 4th of this year at Mark Twain golf course in Elmira, NY, sponsored by our union Local 112 sheet metal. Hole number 7 is a steep uphill par 3 where the hole isn’t visible from the tee box. But thankfully there were hole in one prizes so the course had spotters on every par 3. Playing at 142 yards I used a 9 iron to compensate for the uphill action and hit a beautiful ball over the flagstick and from there we were watching the spotters reaction. It took one hop 20 feet past the hole and spun on rope down the hill and into cup. From first contact to ball in the hole it had to of been 15-20 seconds of high anticipation followed by chest bumps beer splashes and clubs in the air. I will never forget this moment. Ps this was the first time I’ve used a titleist ball in four years but I will be playing titleist for the rest of my life now.

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