Tascosa #11 Hole-in-one

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By JBowman

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  1. When we tee’d off the temperature was 34 degrees. The ground was still frozen. Every shot for 7 holes, I was hitting the ball off the toe. I thought the frozen ground was causing my club face to stay open at contact. However, I noticed my buddies were not having the same problem, so I made a swing adjustment on hole #8. Immediately I started making better contact. When I hit my tee shot on number #11 the swing felt so good and the ball was headed directly for the flag. When we reached the green there was only one ball on the green and I knew that ball was my buddies. I told my friend Brad, my ball is either in the cup or long off the green. I started walking off the green to look for my ball and Brad went to the cup and said John come here and look at this. There it was my first hole-in-one. Thank you Titelist for the wonderful equipment.

  2. Congrats man that's a sweet club to be part off!!
  3. Thanks Mason! Yes it is.

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