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By Hein H

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  1. On hole 11 we were all talking about hole in ones, I said I have never witnessed or hit one. we got to hole 14 and I was 3rd to tee off. The first guy, Mark hit his tee shot, rolled to the right of the hole. Jon stepped up and hit his tee shot, it hit a hill on the left side and bounced right onto the green and then rolled left. I stepped up to hit my tee shot with my 8 iron and I could not see the cup from the tee box, the green has a couple hills covering most of it. I hit a pure shot and I heard it hit the flag stick and I say "I'm pretty sure I just hit the flag stick". Ryly Jane hit her tee shot from the woman's, miss to the right of the green and we then all drive towards the green. When I walk over the hill I only saw 2 balls on the green and I knew mine had to have gone in. I walked straight to the pin and sure there was my ball in the hole. So cool and a shot I will always remember

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  2. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    Way to speak it into existence! Congratulations

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