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  1. It was a cool morning of January 14, 2022 on the coast of Monterey, California. Pebble Beach Golf Links was a happening place with The National Kidney Foundation hosting their annual Pebble Beach NKF Golf Championship. Rick Frazier aka (The Captain) stepped up to the Par 3 Hole #5 hole with an 8 iron in his hand. Knowing the changes Jack Nicklaus made to this hole, Mr. Frazier knew it was hard to clear that bunker on the right and still hold the green. Well, the Captain was up for the challenge. In front of his friends, dubbed (Gents), Rick Frazier took an aggressive swing with an aggressive line and struck his Titleist Logo (Others First) ProV1 Golf Ball straight at the pin. A voice from the Tee Box yells, "Get legs! Get over the bunker!" and suddenly the ball disappeared. Pebble Beach Caddie, The Great Colter Bissell, walked to the flag and confirmed to The Captain Rick Frazier and his Gents, "It went in, No Putter Needed!!! Later in the round, The Captain would find out his best friend and roommate on the trip, William Collins, would also hit a hole in one on #17 that exact same day.

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