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By Brad C

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  1. 1 month shy of the 29th year of my 1st hole in one, I was playing with a couple that I was paired up with as I was a single walk up. I was having an average game until we got to the 17th hole. As I have never played the course before the couple goes on to inform me that it is a very difficult green to hit and putt on due to the very sloped green from left to right. Out of bounds to the right with a huge banked ridge running the while length of the fairway. So what do I do, push my tee shot to the right, my ball hits the bank half way between the top of the bank and greenfield bunker. 3 or 4 bounces later my ball runs down the bank, rolls through the bunker onto the green, rolls nicely to the left and sure enough into the hole. I look at the couple, who was definitely more excited than I was, and I my worst John Wayne impersonation, "Now that's how you park a horse!" We went from cheering to wiping tears out of our eyes from laughing so hard.

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