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By Lhee K

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  1. Omni La Costa Resort and Spa… There i was on hole 8, just got done shooting a 10 on hole 7. I am the last in the tee box in a foursome filled with older gentleman dominating the game. I place my small tee into the ground in the corner spot of the box as the middle box was filled with repairs. I place the titleist pro V1x ball on top of the tee. This ball has survived round after round. I rarely use these wonderful balls but i donated a few to the woods and one into the back of someone’s yard. I take a practice swing, look at the flag, line my shot up, bring my knuckles to the front of the grip, and lock my elbow. The wind is blowing softly on my back and i let it rip. I struck the ball as good as i could and by a miracle it goes straight at the pin. Everyone is expecting a hit to the left or right which they should cuz i need help looking for my ball most of the time. The ball hits the ground, and doesn’t bounce. I think it completely over shot the green and went behind. Another thinks it’s long gone, and one guy says it went into the hole. I jump back into the cart with my partner and we drive. He is talking about it being behind and i agree with him. I mean, what are the odds of making a hole in one! We drive to the back of the green, that’s where the cart path takes us, i scan the area and see no ball. My hope are getting high. But i think it’s in the bunker in front and figure my depth perception is the worst. We start walking up to the hole and i look down onto it. There is a huge divot next to the hole against the lip of it. And in the hole was my ball. I jump in triumph, raise my hands up like Rocky, throw my fist in a uppercut fashion like Tiger! I go and shot a double bogey on the next hole.

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  2. EddietheKarp


    Great shot, Lhee! Congratulations
  3. congrats! Hope you enjoyed Omni!!
  4. Dino S

    Dino S


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