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By Angelo D

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  1. Beautiful Tuesday afternoon, post-work round. A buddy and I decided to head down to a local course to get in a round. The first two holes went better than usual but was nothing I was too excited about. Then it all changed on hole 3. It was a Par 3, 155 yards. I was debating with my buddy about club choice when I decided to go with an 8 iron. I step up to the tee box, load into my swing, and strike. The ball is taking a perfect line to the pin, I don’t know what going to happen than I see it hit the flag and no longer see the ball. At that point we are just confused where did that ball go. As I’m walking toward the pin I am 95% sure it’s in the hole. All I remember saying to my friend is “I want to run.” He responds to me, “GO! Run!” I get to the hole and there it is. My ProV1 with the #1 on it for my first hole in 1. It felt so surreal, like a dream. I was shaking for the next 4 holes.

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  2. EddietheKarp


    Awesome experience, Angelo! Congratulations
  3. Dino S

    Dino S


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