4th Round of Golf Ever Played

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By Richard G

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  1. I’m still very new to golf (now five rounds under my belt), but one of my friends had a membership at Concord Country Club in West Chester, PA. It was only my fourth round of golf ever (April 10th), so I wasn't expecting much when I teed off with my seven iron on the temporary 140-yard par 3. My shot seemed good off the start, but we didn’t expect anything crazy. As my three friends and I approached the green, we couldn't spot my ball, so my friend Matt sprinted ahead. The moment he found my blue Maxfli ball in the hole, we couldn’t control ourselves, so we started screaming while everyone on the range looked at us. “Don’t say it too loud, or you're going to have to buy everyone at the clubhouse drinks,” my dad told me when I called him. Later, discovering that my dad hit a hole in one almost three decades ago, just ten days after my own, made the day even more special. It's a golf story I'll be telling for years to come. (Hole 4 is being renovated so the yardage on the score card has not been updated)

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  2. EddietheKarp


    Great shot, Richard! Hope the bar tab wasn’t too bad! Congratulations
  3. Dino S

    Dino S


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