Par 3 Contest

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By Craig G

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  1. Craig G
    Lubbock, TX

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    9 hole-in-ones! By far the most exciting par 3 contest that I can remember. Justin Thomas and Rickie Fowler back to back and Gary P. getting his 31st hole-in-one at 80 years old. If the actual tournament is anything like this, I will be a great one for sure!

  2. FJL
    Kitchener, ON

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    Simply incredible to see so many Hole In Ones on one course in one day and then to have one of these groups experience two Hole In Ones on one hole one right after the other, what are the odds!
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    Too bad this tournament is nothing like that par 3 contest! Poor rickie but go pokes!!
  4. Chris M

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    suddenly 3 hole in ones on the 16 on Sunday
    How amazing was Oosthuizen's one!!

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