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By Josh D

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    Is it possible to get a custom built putter if went to Scotty's Gallery and got a fitting. Or is this just for pros.

  2. Chris R
    Madison, MS

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    I am sure for enough $$$ he will build you a wonderful putter.
  3. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    The studio is open to the public, but you'll need to schedule a fitting. Undoubtedly you'll learn a great deal about what design is best suited to your natural swing.
  4. Dylan L
    Evans City, PA

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    I vaguely recall reading in the cameroncollector forum that if you gonout there you can give a list of "wants" for your custom SC but he basically will choose how to "paint his picture" with keeping your "wants in mind." Take this w a brain of salt, I could very much, be wrong, but like the other member said, if you drop a healthy brick down I'm sure he'll paint the picture exactly how you want but again who knows.
  5. Steve N
    Chapin, SC

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    All it takes is $$$$. Based on what SC sells their limited releases, it would be substantial. Take a look at the SC website and look at the store in California for the inventory they have sold. This will give you an idea.
  6. Chris92009
    Cincinnati, Ohio

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    If you order a putter from Titleist, the will drop ship it directly to the SC Custom Shop and will make any modifications within reason there... Extra cool things like welds and graphite shafts though are not available...just technical adjustments are available such as loft, lie, putter head shape, shaft length, grip etc....

    Hope that helps!
  7. Joshua B

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    they will...but you can visit the gallery as well on the website. They sell one of a kind putters there that the tour players use, and sell for around $4000-6500 (but sell out very quick). You can also buy a scotty and customize it by sending to Scotty as well. $400 for putter, and about $300 for custom job. It can include stamping, 4 colors, new custom head cover, shaft ring (very cool), loft change, height and weight adjustment, and custom regrip. In my opinion (I did this with my older Monterey putter) the custom way is such a good deal and very well done!

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