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By Joe D

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  1. Joe D

    Joe D
    Minooka, IL

    Just tuned in on the golf channel and had a chance to see brand ambassador Charley Hoffman, playing some good golf.only 2 strokes off the lead. To top it off he signed a ball and his glove and gave the glove to a female volunteer and she was totally ecstatic. Definitely made someone's day.very nice to see.

    Great to see C.B playing good at the RBC a historic club.

    Good luck to CB and all Titleist players this week.

  2. RBH


    Great for Charlie to get into the playoff. He finished the round strong. Kind of ironic that he lost when Vegas reached the green off the lip out of the sand when Charlie had done the same a few holes earlier in the round. Sounds like the Abbey will not be around any longer for our open rotation. It will be interesting to see if they introduce some new courses.
  3. Joe D

    Joe D
    Minooka, IL

    Definitely kind of a sad note that the Abbey will not be around and turned into housing.
    Was hoping C.H would of pulled out a win. Just left alot of putts short and a hit a drive on 18 that just leak to far right.
    Overall his game is looking good.
  4. Rob_Roth1

    San Diego, CA

    CH def has problems closing out events. He is a good guy and will figure it out!

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