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  1. RBH

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    Great year for Justin!! A major, a 59, 5 wins and the Fed Ex Cup. I’m sure he would have liked a do over on 18 at Eastlake but to push through and beat his buddy Jordan was a great way to put a stamp on a great season. Looking forward to watching these two young stars for a few years. Should make for entertaining viewing on the PGA tour for a number of years. Even better that they both trust Titleist.

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    Seeing his interview where he showed his goals list was awesome! The fact that almost all of them were checked off is inspiring
  3. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    I can think of one million reasons not to take a do over. Just saying. He won the big prize. And there are not do overs in golf................. =)
  4. RBH

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    Chuck, no there are no do overs. He was there to win the tournament though as he stated afterwards. He pointed out the $10M was a bonus but he wants to win, put his name on tournament trophies. . His drive on 18 got away from him, it happens to all of us including the great ones. I’m sure he was visioning a different drive than the result. I think he has a great attitude and the winning mentality instead of the money mentality is what sets him apart.

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