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By JShelton

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  1. JShelton

    Charleston, SC

    When JT hit that wedge shot on 18 Sunday, I saw in him that killer instinct that only the best have. He's got the game, attitude, and gamesmanship to win a lot of tournaments. 8 wins in 31 starts is amazing.

  2. Listentomewine

    Valencia, CA

    He's a great player and has been fun to watch. I think some of the media that follow the tour and PGA radio hosts on SiriusXM are coming down too hard on him for his "f-bomb" on 18 and his "fan ejection". He will learn and mature. Until then appreciate what he is doing and hope he continues, it's good for the game. Not too mention if he's in contention and you like him you get to root for him and if you don't like him you have someone to loathe.

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