swing weight issues with a head change

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By Dominic N

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  1. I currently play a full set of AP2 irons and Vokey wedges. I'd like to switch out my 7-PW with a MB head to give me the feel like from the Vokey's in more of my scoring clubs. I had my current irons built out by Cool clubs. The big issue is that they are hard stepped and tipped so the only way I can do this is to simply switch heads onto my shafts. (I really don't want to build out another $1800 full set) Does anyone know if this will dramatically alter the swing weight or are all the heads about the same?


  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    You can't order just heads from Titleist. If there is a shaft in the current matrix that you want, you should be able to specify stepping, tipping, and a desired swing weight.

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