Range divot patterns on tour

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By Jeff M

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  1. I've always been taught to hit in a linear divot pattern with 0.5-1 inch spacing in between lines, which allows for faster recovery, and this practice has been promoted at every course and practice facility I've been to recently. I'm curious why on tour a lot of pros hit in a concentrated pattern, basically taking a big square swathe of turf out. Old habits die hard? Does it not matter as much on the perfectly manicured ranges they use? Space limitations? I'm genuinely curious, because I feel like as tour pros they should be setting a good example for the rest of us. Maybe I'm nitpicking, but after working at a course with a tiny range tee (a private, member owned club), it was actually a problem when people would destroy the turf to the point it would take twice as long as normal to grow back.

  2. That's what I'm on about, I see what seems to be a majority of tour pros hitting in a concentrated pattern, ending with large squares of turf taken out as shown in the article. I'm just curious why they do not use the linear pattern that is best for turf management.
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    A. Will they using the driving range there next week (and the next 6 weeks)?
    B. When they aren't on tour, do they mostly play private clubs with limited rounds?
    C. They can move left and right more w/o having to move the Trackman by getting too close to it.
    While using a Trackman at TPI, I was given permission to not play nicely because "they know how to grow grass". The local university golf course's range is a mess after a PGA Senior event in June for most of the rest of the summer. At our level we need to help conserve the ranges we use week in and week out.
  4. Thanks for the reply Don, I was genuinely curious, didn't mean to offend.

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