Carry Bags at Waste Management Open

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By pauldrue

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  1. pauldrue

    Nashua, NH

    I see and hear that Titleist staff players will be allowed to use carry bags this week at the Waste Management Open, if they choose. What do you think? I like the idea. Most of us won't ever use a staff bag, so it's nice to see the bags we'd strap on during a round.



  2. Dwayne N

    Dwayne N
    Island, KY

    Like the thought of it personally
  3. Good idea and good advertising for Titleist carry bags
  4. That’s some great marketing for the launch of the new products. Plus you see how often people want to emulate the pro’s and go out there and buy a huge staff bag they don’t need. Maybe this will influence people to get good carry bags and even walk the course more. I believe Ricky Fowler has been using a carry bag with some regularity..maybe it’s a trend. I don’t think this takes away at all and if anything like allowing the caddies to wear shorts, it’s a positive for the loopers.
  5. Rob E

    Rob E
    San Jose, CA

    I like the idea of the Pros using carry/stand bags. I also think its a great way for Titleist to show off the new bag line. I have a Titleist Staff Bag in my garage to hold all my other Titleist Clubs (mostly putters). It’s a beauty but I couldn’t imagine taking that to the course. Give the Pro Caddies a break every once in a while.
  6. Love the look! They should make it the trend, along with shorts... players and caddies. Make the game look like the game we all play. If it wouldn't take jobs away from a bunch of interesting guys carrying the bags for a living, make them carry their own bags... like a lot of us. Old school, sure, but that's the way the game was invented.
  7. Sean M

    Sean M
    Kansas City, MO

    Great idea. I bought a 4UP StaDry stand bag at the end of last year and love it. It is lightweight and easy to balance (granted I have only had the opportunity to play one round with it). My old bag is a Titleist midsize Staff bag. It’s great for strapping on the cart when I ride and looks good.

    Good job Titleist encouraging the use of stand bags on Tour. Can’t wait to see them on TV
  8. Gabriel G

    Gabriel G
    Cedar Park, TX

    Love seeing the use of carry bags. Looks more like the rest of the golfers who walk and carry their own bags.
  9. Andrew A

    Andrew A
    Charlotte, NC

    I love it. Anything to relate to the game to us commoners, I am all for!
  10. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    What is wrong with lightening the load for the caddies. There is plenty of room in the lightweights and it still shows the sponsors logo. Those staff tour bags are heavy. I like the idea. I have seen some the of tour players us the lightweight bags in the past.
  11. Thats right,lighten the load for the caddie. I was a caddie when I was younger that bag gets heavy!
  12. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Volunteering at a Champions event, I doubt 10% of the bags are staff. Maybe that the caddies look as old or older than the players and only the players can use a cart is a connection?
  13. I volunteered at the 2018 Sr PGA this past year, and also noticed the number of stand bags was about equal to the number of staff bags on tournament days. The pro-am and practice days were a different story. Very few were using staff bags. Most were using stand bags or even light-weight bags.
  14. JimmyChonga

    Scottsdale, AZ

    With Waste Management agreeing to a sponsorship extension to 2030, the goal of making the WM Phoenix Open a showcase for zero waste environmental solutions is beneficial for all of us. We have our green out day later this week in which fans will be "wearing the green." And, Titleist has released a "green out" gear section on its website, and some Titleist ambassadors will be showing off green hats and bags. Haven't seen any pros with standbags during the practice rounds this week, but I agree that it would be great all around. Some of these younger pros were carrying their own bags just a few years ago in college competition such as Jon Rahm here at ASU!
  15. I have the staff stand bag and it’s a great looking bag and would fit right in on the course next to all those massive tour bags.
  16. Bill L

    Bill L
    Spring, TX

    I don't see a problem with giving the Pro's the option but some sponsors might not like it.
  17. Steve S

    Steve S
    Tuckerton, NJ

    Looking forward to seeing them. But personally, I love my Titleist lightweight cart bag.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  18. I like the idea and the look. I wonder if caddies agree, though, since that may limit the amount of stuff they need to take care of their golfers. That said...

    At the risk of sharing a potentially unpopular opinion, to me the big Al Czervik-size bags the caddies haul do look a little outdated (like the puffy geometric-patterned polos from the 80s).. I understand the pros have to pack and be prepared for a lot more circumstances than average duffer...but I've known guys to stuff a 12-pack into their carry bags and that has to take up a lot more size-wise than rain gear, first aid kit, etc.

    For me, making the game (and gear) more simple will help make it more accessible and more enjoyable for all. So I'm in favor of caddies looking less like sherpas.
  19. no BIGGIE, AS LONG AS IT says Titleist ON IT, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    got a new Hybrid 14 coming April, looking forward to the new carry cart bag, looks GREAT

    Thank you Titleist
  20. Lance P

    Lance P
    Hillsborough, NC

    I feel staff bags are for pros only but if they want to switch it up and go with a lighter/smaller bag that's great. Use what the "regular" folk use and perhaps the "regular" folks will "buy buy buy"!!!
  21. Steve C.

    Steve C.
    Napa, Ca.

    I'm kinda old school, I like the look of the staff bag. That being said, today's carry bags look great and have more pockets to accommodate all the neccessary items a pro needs to carry. I think it should left for each pro to decide which bag he/she uses.
  22. SWilliams


    I bet the caddies love the idea!
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