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By Don O

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  1. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Peter Malnati caught my eye with a yellow (Pro-V1x) ball. I’m used to seeing them on the Champions Tour - Couples and Els as 2 among others.

    Has any other FedEx player committed to a non-white ball? Between the 2 tours, how many are using Titleist yellow balls? Won’t hazard a guess on the LPGA since a popular brand there has a rainbow of color options.

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    He tells a cool story about why he switched last year. Seems his son liked the yellow ball so he did it for him. He said it gives him a couple of smiles per round and in that sport, you need all the positives you can get.
  3. DK

    Northeast PA

    I like the yellow balls. I rock the ProV1x Yellow all season. Makes it easier to tell my ball from the driving range OB . Hahahaha
  4. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    They are definitely easier to see in the fairways when you are approaching them. I am not there yet. Nothing like a new shiney white Prov1 traveling down the middle of the fairway. At least most of the time. ha..ha.. If it give off positive vibes, go for it. Golf is a tough sport.
  5. Andrew A

    Andrew A
    Charlotte, NC

    They are more visible for sure. I'm still a traditionalist and can't look down at a yellow ball yet. I love that sparkling white ball with the black script. Just georgeous!
  6. Palmer


    I'm a traditionalist like you. I don't even like playing colored balls whenever I play mini golf. :)
  7. K Scott

    K Scott

    I used to be white balls only but made the switch to yellow last year. So much easier for me to see.
  8. I switched to the yellow Pro v1x last season. As I am getting a little older, it is a lot easier to see in the fairway. But I keep finding myself going back to the white ball. I feel sometimes I am playing putt-putt with my kids
  9. Sandy J

    Sandy J
    Golden, CO

    I have been using the yellow ProV1x for 2 years now and I can definitely see my ball better than ever. Thank you Titleist
  10. I started playing yellow prov1x at the start of the year. Not sure on switching back go white. I’ll decide when I get to the tail end of this last dozen!

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