Which Scotty Cameron putter is your favorite?

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By zachcolburn

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  1. zachcolburn

    Byron Center, Michigan

    I really like the looks of the Fastback. I tried it at a local golf shop, and it felt nice. However, that golf shop doesn't have the very many Scotty Cameron's. Curious as to which putter you guys prefer.

  2. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO


    I currently have two Scotty's (Futura Phantom Mallet & Kombi S) and I'm happy with both and not looking to add a third at the moment.  However, if I were going to purchase another one, I would get the X5 R.  I've hit putts with it several times inside different golf shops and like the feel it and the way the ball comes off the face.


  3. Cole W

    Cole W
    Windermere, FL

    I have always been a Newport fan, I have a Newport Midslant from back when I was in HS, a Newport 2, and I am currently gaming a Studio Select Newport 1.5 Heavy.

  4. Nick S

    Nick S
    Whittier, CA

    I play with the same putter and I love it I started with a png but I was very inconsistent I bought a Scotty Cameron and haven't looked back its so balanced and smooth on my takeaways and follow through is even smoother thank you Titleist for such a amazing putter.
  5. Chris J

    Chris J
    Winter Haven, FL

    I looked at the Newport 1.5. Abby and Cathi cover your ears but I am a long time png Anser guy. Which was the basis of quite a few of the Cameron designs. Have a hard time putting down 3 dimes on the Cameron but thinking about it.

    Also, no offense to Scotty but the original designs came from Karsten and those are nice and a good price point.

    Would love opinions on the Scotty most liked by Anser fans with an gooseneck not a plumbers neck.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas
  6. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I own two. My first was a Studio Style Newport 2 which I used for about a year and I moved up to the Newport 2 Notchback Select when they first came out. I played a png Pal with a Winn m/s grip for a long time and the Newport 2 is very similar and I love that style putter and do very well with it. A lot of the black is worn off and I have no intentions of sending it in to the studio for a makeover, because it has character and it putts very well. I changed the stock 10gm weights to 15grm and added a Matador m/s grip and it is an awesome weapon. Every now and then I take it in to my fitter to have him adjust the lie and loft. Of course it takes the right Indian to aim this arrow. ha...ha....
  7. Andrew A

    Andrew A
    Charlotte, NC

    I few that I game from time to time.  My current gamer is the California Del Mar but I also have a Newport 1.5 and Luguan 1.5

    I'm really like the new dual balance futura X5 but haven't pulled the trigger as of yet.  I not a big fan on the bent shaft and prefer a slightly offset hosel.  Ideally Scotty would release a version to the mass that is similar to the limited release X5 he created.

  8. Bob T

    Bob T
    East Otis, MA

    My favorite is my Newport 2 Studio Select!!  Can't leave home with out it!!!!!  My next one to that would be my Newport 2 TeI3.  As you can see, I like the feel of Cameron's with an insert in them.  This gives me the best feel for the putt.  Good luck in what you choose.  You can't go wrong with a Cameron!!!!!!

  9. Robert O

    Robert O
    Holbrook, MA

    I have 2 Scotty's 97 Newport 2 Tel3 witch I got new. Had it restored 2 years ago. I like to use it on fast greens. A guy were I play a lot keeps asking me to sell it to him and I tell him its going in the box when I go in the ground. A studio select Newport with a heavier head for slower or wet greens. People say they cost to much I ask how much did you pay for that new driver you only hit 7 to 10 times a round 400$.A putter if you are good you use 30 times. So why not get the best. Have fun finding the right one I did
  10. From Jon O, I have 33 Scotty Cameron’s and I have to lean more towards the older models , pre-select era , putting is feel and on fast greens even damp fast greens I sometimes don’t get that feeling in my fingers. It’s the heavy weight . Look at most of pros they are using older styles or prototype of older models .
  11. Bob T

    Bob T
    East Otis, MA

    I stand corrected. My gamer is a Cameron Newport two Studio style with the insert not a Studio select which I also have.  Been a long cold and snowy winter!!!!!

  12. Keith M

    Keith M
    Acworth, GA

    My gamer is a Newport.  No sight lines, clean.

  13. James E

    James E
    Wauwatosa, WI


    What putters have you used in the past?

    I grew up with an Anser so am very comfortable with the Newport 2. 

    I too like the Select Fastback and just added one, I liked the alignment plus.

    But it all depends on what you like, in my experience all the Camerons feel great and it just depends on what I like to look at.

    Good luck, I am sure you'll find a great putter.

  14. John D

    John D
    Oakland Gardens, NY

    Newport II No Brainer for me...
  15. Mike O

    Mike O
    norfolk, MA

    newport 2

  16. William T

    William T
    Rochester, NY

    just picked up my x5r today! for me it felt great and love the look of it as well!  i had gone to my local shop and played around with all of them.

  17. Nicholas D

    Nicholas D
    Stuart, VA

    I love the GoLo putters. I switched to one over the winter and have really putted well since switching. The putter has really given me great touch on the greens!
  18. vurich

    First Tee Box

    I have 5 Cameron creations.  Each one unique, special and individual.  I love to switch them in and out depending on my mood, game and feeling for the design.  Can't go wrong with Cameron!  Sounds like a Cameron commercial!  Try what suits your eye and fancy would be my best suggestion.  Good luck!

  19. Allen P

    Allen P
    Clermont, FL

    vurich said:

    I have 5 Cameron creations.  Each one unique, special and individual.  I love to switch them in and out depending on my mood, game and feeling for the design.  Can't go wrong with Cameron!  Sounds like a Cameron commercial!  Try what suits your eye and fancy would be my best suggestion.  Good luck!

    I have a LAGUNA manufactured in the mid 1990s. Once I find what I like I don't experiment with others. Best putter I ever had.
  20. I am in love with my 02 S Cameron Bullseye Flange.  I wish he would make them with the ability to add weight.  Right now mine has a bunch of lead tape on it.  Blah!!!

  21. Jerry Barbato

    Jerry Barbato
    Wall, NJ

    For years, I gamed an original 1984 Spaulding TP Mills #1. I loved everything about it from the setup to the feel to watching the ball go in the hole. Aside from that, I had 13 Titleist clubs in my bag. I had several Scotty's over the years but kept going back to my TP Mills.....until I discovered the Coronado. It is a mix between the look and feel that Scotty's are known for but still reminds me of my TP Mills. Now there are 14 Titleist clubs in the bag. So far, so good. Looking forward to seeing which one you go with.

  22. Ryan L

    Ryan L
    Sandy, UT

    Newport 2 fan here.

  23. Steve L

    Steve L
    Framingham, MA

    My first scotty was a california montery.  I spent 30 years with a png anser and didn't think I could adjust to looking down at something different.  after spending the last year with  the golo 3 I'm in love  .  

  24. steve b

    steve b
    lafontaine, IN

    Mine is the select newport 2 dual balance. Love the deep milled face and the extra weight.                                                                                                                                                         steve b

  25. Scott M

    Scott M
    Birdsboro, PA

    Newport 1.5 with the black finish that came out a couple of years ago. Absolutely love it. The Scotty took a little getting used to me because I feel like it's "softer" than other putters and I was leaving putts short. I loved the feel of a nice ProV coming off of it and it's been fantastic ever since!
  26. Richard F

    Richard F
    Hutchinson, KS

    Scotty Studio 1, best ever made,love it.

  27. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Scott M said:

    Newport 1.5 with the black finish that came out a couple of years ago. Absolutely love it. The Scotty took a little getting used to me because I feel like it's "softer" than other putters and I was leaving putts short. I loved the feel of a nice ProV coming off of it and it's been fantastic ever since!
    Scott, I had the same problem with my Newport Newport 2 Notchback Select and changed the weights from 10grm to 15grm and that issue improved. No problems now.
  28. Aloha Bruce

    Aloha Bruce
    Sunnyvale, CA

    Newport or Newport2 fan, I've had a Mil-spec in the bag for the last several years.

  29. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    009 in any black finish and beached is a must!

  30. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    Todd T said:

    009 in any black finish and beached is a must!

  31. Andrew B

    Andrew B
    Elgin, IL

    Currently saving up to get my first Scotty! It is going to take me a little while seeing that I need a computer for school, however I cannot wait! Its currently between the the Newport 2 or the GoLo 3!

  32. Hotsauce

    Georgetown MA

    I've got more putters than I care to admit, but the flat stick that most catches my eye is the Napa.  It's a thing of beauty!

  33. Josh G said:

    I've got more putters than I care to admit, but the flat stick that most catches my eye is the Napa.  It's a thing of beauty!

    We know that the Napa is never leaving your bag!

  34. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    Mike D., Team Titleist Manager said:

    We know that the Napa is never leaving your bag!


    Ain't that the truth Mike but I have to agree with Josh, that Napa is a true beauty...  Because of him and showing it off so much when we were playing, I went out and bought my own..  With the help of him of course..  I'm afraid to bring mine out though, too pretty...  

    For now, the Studio Select Newport  is my putter of choice.. Love it!

  35. John C

    John C
    Hopkins, MN

    On April 3rd it will be the new Scotty Cameron GoLo 5. I went through a fitting today at the SC Gallery in Encinitas and it was best from all distances. The Futura X5 was a close second but not as good on middle distance putts.
  36. memphisunited

    Memphis, TN

    I love my Scotty Cameron putters and I've tried almost every model. But, I always go back to the basic Newport - no sight lines or anything added. 

  37. Rizal K

    Rizal K
    Kuala Lumpur,

    I own 3 scottys. Newport 1.5, squareback no.1 and GoLo. Squareback No.1 is the best. Compact look.
  38. Hotsauce

    Georgetown MA

    After burning edges for 3 months the Napa got benched. I've been rolling the Circa 62 No. 2 since and she's working. I love the flow neck and of course the carbon steel. You can't go wrong with a vintage Cameron.
  39. mark w

    mark w
    Dallas, TX

    Newport 2. I am interested in trying a Bullseye.

  40. Hotsauce

    Georgetown MA

    The Napa hands down!

  41. Rich T

    Rich T
    Shrewsbury, MA

    This thread got me to looking through pictures in the Scotty archives....and selecting a favorite is just too difficult.  I agree with Josh, the Napa is definitely a beauty.  There have been so many beautiful creations over the years.

    I have owned several...some for the looks and others for results.  I have never bought putters for collecting....yet.

    I recently picked up an oil can Newport 2 AOP because it has always been one that I LOVED the looks of.  I have been gaming it a lot lately even though I tend to play a mallet style head.

    I have owned a Studio Select Kombi-S,and Futura X5.  My next purchase will very likely be a Select Squareback...I can see that being a gamer for a long time.

    The Circa 62 line has always been something I liked...and the Circa 62 no.6 is one I will own one some day.  Same with the Circa 62 No.3.

    Too many to choose!


  42. Theo S

    Theo S
    Abu Dhabi,

    I've been rocking a Studio Style Newport 2 which I've had for over 10 years now. Love the soft feel of the face and it's like an old friend in my bag :)

  43. Dwayne N

    Dwayne N
    Island, KY

    I really like the GoLo select but before I became an all Titleist loyalist I played another company's clubs and the putter I used then was a Scottsdale TR Piper. The similarity in head shape made me comfortable and confident as I stood over my new Scotty with almost no transition time to adapt to it. Honestly though you can't go wrong with any Scotty Cameron putter it's all in personal preference and individual feel try them all and get fit for it that way you won't be disappointed.  

  44. JAMES S



  45. Golfnut4

    Lake Zurich, IL

    Newport 2.5. Would not trade it for any other putter on the market.
  46. Sam E

    Sam E
    San Diego, CA

    I have the Honey Dipped Monterey. I got it because I liked the gold finish, looks real classy

  47. Justinu3

    Clive, IA

    I'm a Newport 2 guy.  Love the look of it.  I'd tried a Newport but didn't like the rounded lines.

    Mallets are inconsistent for me.  I don't feel confident putting with them.

  48. Gary P

    Gary P
    Huntingdon, QC

    I play with a 34" Laguna 1.5, love it!

  49. Avery T

    Avery T
    Lucas, TX

    Golo S center shaft. Once I started using center shafted putters about 10 years ago I find it hard to put with a heel shafted one.

  50. Andrew F

    Andrew F
    Frisco, TX

    Hey Zach C,

    I've always been a Newport 2 fan.  I'm currently gaming a Newport 2 Notchback and it's awesome.  I really love it.  However, i keep migrating toward the Fastback each time I go to the store.  When I putt with the fastback it just works and seems to roll in.  I may have to consider buying that one too!

  51. Wade W

    Wade W
    Roanoke, VA

    Favorite is a real, tour-only FaxDay.


  52. Mark h

    Mark h
    Ajax, ON

    I added Futura X5R to the bag over the winter. I have been comparing it to my newport and I seem to hit it more consistent


  53. David S

    David S
    Alamo, CA

    My favorite is my Laguna 1.5, which I got nearly four years ago when I went to TPI for the 2-day experience. Nothing I've tried since compares, though I'm getting tempted by the new models coming out in April. There's nothing better than a Scotty.
  54. Tom B

    Tom B
    Northborough, MA

    I've got 2 Scottie's.  2004 Red X was the favorite, (love the soft insert), and a California Del Mar, which has lately taken over as the favorite.  Both with

    Pistolero grips.  A little better on the long lags with the Red X, but better from 10' in with the Del Mar.  

  55. RJ

    1, NH

    Purchased my first Scotty Cameron putter last year and so glad I did - The GoLo5. Really like it and its near minimum toe flow.
  56. Nathanael B

    Nathanael B
    Plymouth, MI

    I grew up playing a png Anser 2. I bought a Studio Select Newport 2 in 2013 and haven't looked back. I love the feel and the way the ball rolls off of the face. It has the dark black finish, which I'm not a huge fan of. I wish I would have waited and bought the chrome finish.
  57. Patrick E

    Patrick E
    Mechanicsville, VA

    The GoLo 5 has great feel on the greens - the short puts are confident

  58. Blake B

    Blake B
    Commerce, MI

    There are quite a few different models that I like. I currently am gaming a few different Newport's. One of them being a Tel3, then a custom shopped Newport 2. I'll be looking to add a Napa to the collection soon, just need to find the right one. 

  59. George F

    George F
    York, PA

    I use the Del Mar, just put a fat grip on it, can't wait to get out on the course.   

  60. DMac

    Wayne, PA

    I game a California Del Mar which suits my eye and stroke very well.  When the yips pop up, I switch to my old Studio Design 5 which I've had forever.  After playing another brand when I was younger, Scotty Cameron will be the only thing in my bag.

  61. Hulon M

    Hulon M
    Geneva, AL

    My favorite is the one in my avi.  Amazing feel.  Registry # A-020909.   

  62. Circle T

    Circle T
    Westhampton, NY

    Hey Blake, I have a limited edition 2009 Napa new unused.

  63. Allen P

    Allen P
    Clermont, FL

    My first Scotty Cameron  "Laguna" 1995 is the only one I use.

  64. Jed (cpt/tpi)

    Jed (cpt/tpi)
    Brookline, MA

    I have 2 Newport 2's (2012/2014) Both 34". One has 20g weights and the other 15g. I really love the classic look and offset shaft. I had a Fastback but I wasn't crazy about the large red aiming aid at address and exchanged it for my second Newport. I am eyeing the new Golo 6. I had a png B60 back in the day. I liked it but switched to Scotty and never looked back.  I think the 6 will be a great blend of the Newport/Fastback.

  65. Rory S

    Rory S
    Arlington Hts., IL


    I have always been a fan of the Newports, different types though. I also have a Detour, which I use now mostly for practice and checking out my stoke.

  66. Rick R

    Rick R
    Nashville, TN

    I have a fastback, it's a great putter. Great feedback and a very solid click on impact. The square shape is great for alignment too. Highly recommend

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