Arm Lock Option?

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By Paul R

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  1. Paul R

    Paul R
    Moline, IL

    Is it possible to get one of the new Futura putters in an arm lock configuration? Loft, shaft length, and lie are critical. I have used the arm lock method on and off for the past few years. I have been doing it consistently for the past 6 months with a non-mallet head. I would really like a futura in this configuration.

  2. Did they reply ?
  3. Any word on a Scotty arm Lock? I have a Futura I would love to have made into an arm lock putter
  4. I had my Club Pro inquire with Cameron. The answer was that they're not making arm-lock option at this time.
  5. Is the 38 inch scotty Cameron putter not a arm lock option?

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