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By Raymond W

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  1. Raymond W
    South Point, OH

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    I have a Scotty Cameron 35inc Futura 5W. I want to put on a Super Stroke grip. What does the weight have to be to not change the swing weight? Or I guess where would I find the weight of the grip that comes standard on the Scotty?

    Thanks for any guidance!

  2. Chris92009
    Cincinnati, Ohio

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    Around 80 grams...
  3. Sirhc
    Sacramento, CA

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    Happy Thanksgiving all!
    Weighed a couple of loose puttwr grips I had; Baby T grip: approx. 68 g while a Super Stroke 3.O: approx. 65 g.
    SS Web page says weights for slim series (1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 5.0) are: 65 g, 50, 60 & 90, respectively.

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