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By Jason C

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    I purchased my first Scotty this summer, and I could not be happier with the results. I went to my club today to play a few holes before a doctor appointment, and I was able to get 15 holes in before I had to leave. Out of the 15 holes I had 8 - 1 putt greens. I have never been a great putter, but ever since I got my Scotty my confidence has gone through the roof. I have been averaging 30 putts/18 holes, which is far better than before.

  2. Speedy
    Newmarket, NH

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    Great to hear Jason! If you don't mind me asking what Scotty putter are you gaming?
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    I'm playing the Futura 6M Dual Balance. I have played a blade style putter for years and I had every intention of buying the Newport 2 or 2.5, but once I hit the 6M there was no going back, and then when my shop got the dual balance I was hooked.
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    Sweet! I am strongly considering getting one. Hopefully Christmas!
  5. Bruce S
    Sunnyvale, CA

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    Congrats on getting your first Scotty and your improved putting!
  6. BK
    Williston, VT

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    LOL, now just try and stop at one Cameron. It's harder than you think
  7. Sean Mac
    Livermore, CA

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    BK said:

    LOL, now just try and stop at one Cameron. It's harder than you think

    So true it isn't even funny!!! I'm on my fourth one!
  8. Sam K
    Upstate SC

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    I have quite a few upgrades to make before I get back around to the putter. The Newport 3 looks great, but I have never even held a Scotty! Congrats to you.

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