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By ScottyC50

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  1. ScottyC50

    Painesville, Ohio, USA

    I bought my first Scotty at the beginning of the Summer. Never put any stock into blades; they always seemed to turn in my hand. Then, I found the wildly popular 2-ball and then Dart, and thought my putting journey was over. I had always been an above average putter, but when I purchased my Futura 6m and added the white oversized grip, I immediately knew what great putting was! The feel is superb, and a well struck putt borders on a thing of beauty. I now can not ever go to any other putter...yes the price tag is steep, but when you examine the craftsmanship and milling there simply is no other choice. As a HS golf coach, all of my players want to use it, but can't! They too must find their own putter journey...I'm glad mine has ended for good with my Futura 6m. It keeps making putts, and I love it. A die hard Scotty fan for life!

  2. Nice to hear it genuinely makes a difference. One is on my shopping list before the end of the year.
  3. John T

    John T
    Youngstown, OH

    You might have finally found your Holy Grail! Hope it keeps working for you.
  4. Congrats!!! I actually bought my first scotty this summer and it is the 6M, only difference is I bought the dual balance, but couldn't agree more on how incredible it feels. This is the best I have ever putted, and I am hooked on Scotty for life.

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