Damaged/ bent neck on Newport 2

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By Andy P

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  1. Andy P
    Derby, 0

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    Can anyone help suggest where I can get my beloved Newport 2 checked / repaired?

    I think the neck has been twisted so the putter sits closed at address.

    I have heard of loft / lie but anyone know about alignment?


  2. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    You can send it in to Scotty Cameron or take it a local repair shop and they can check it for you and make a recommendation. I have a local shop I trust who is Titleist certified.
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    Have you re-gripped the putter lately? I use the Golf Pride Tour Wrap on all of my clubs including my putter(s). That grip has the name "Golf Pride" in white on one side of the grip. I use this, especially on the putter(s), as a place to put my hands so that the club is at a consistent length so as to make a consistent stroke and strike. Two of my putters are mallet style and both of those seem closed to me, so I use my blade style which seems square. I'm thinking that the grips on the mallets were twisted a bit, thus the closed look. If you have had the club re-gripped lately, have the place that did the work re-check it. If not, contact Titleist to see if you can send it in and have the "pros" look at it. Fairways and greens.

    Mark F

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