Futura 5.5M Toe Flow vs Newpor 1/2

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By Ryan M

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    What's up guys,

    So I'm looking into picking up a Futura 5.5M because it's finally a mallet with toe hang (granted small amount).

    My question was if anyone could possible post a pic of toe hang of the 5.5M vs Newport 1/2. Also how do the 2 compare? I realize being such different styles it may be hard to compare feel, sound, etc.. The SC I used the most was the carbon Studio Design 2.5 and other carbon or solid copper putters from putter designers. I realize the Futura 5.5 is extremely different in design and material and that's what I was hoping someone or multiple people could give comments on. I realize it's not an apples to apples comparison but that's what I'm after.

    Unfortunately there's nowhere to be able to demo these in person so that's why I'm looking for reviews.

  2. Steve N
    Chapin, SC

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    I did my own research and determined that the N2 has 45 degrees of toe hang and the 5.5M has 30 degrees.

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