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By smartin

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  1. Hey Guys what do we think of the first look at the new range. Any info on them and any idea what models will be available for lefty’s? Look forward to your comments.

  2. I thought they looked sweet! I always have liked the classic look of the line and these are no exceptions. Well done Mr. Cameron!

  3. Stephen B

    Stephen B
    Derby, NY

    Newport 2 & Newport 3 will be offered LH.
  4. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    I tried all the putters yesterday and loved them! I especially like the thick top line to the newport blade!
  5. Bax


    They look really sharp, I’m not a lefty, but I am really disappointed they didn’t make a Newport notchback, nor did they in the Cameron and Crown since I use a 33” putter!! My current notchback is the black select, but want a chrome putter!!
  6. Chris how would you compare them to last years models any different in feel look etc.
  7. pauldrue

    Nashua, NH

    Glad that Scotty finally put a Newport 3 in play for us lefties. I'd love a 2.5 but I'll take the 3 this year.
    Saw the full lineup today (right hand) and I like the little "tweaks" made to the Select line. The thinner top line. Softer feel. Good work, Scotty!


  8. I'm left handed as well and will be getting the Newport 3 when it comes out! Been waiting for it quite awhile now! So excited to put it in the bag!
  9. Yeah it’s been a long time it looks great. I would love a Newport I like the rounded edges and smaller head over the Newport 2. I hope you enjoy the new putter when you get it.

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